The Captain’s Ghostly Gamble – Catherine Curzon & Eleanor Harkstead



*I received a free ARC of this novella, with thanks to the authors.  The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*




Blurb:  When a ghostly dandy and his roguish companion try their hand at matchmaking, things definitely go bump in the night.

For centuries, foppish Captain Cornelius Sheridan and brooding John Rookwood have haunted the mansion they duelled and died for. Now these phantom foes must join forces to save both their home and their feuding descendents.

But when Captain Sheridan sacrifices his afterlife for the sake of true love, will Rookwood risk everything to keep his companion by his side, or is it too late to say “I love you”?




The Captain’s Ghostly Gamble is a short romp in the Captivating Captains series by these two skillful romantic writers.

Told from the point of view of two mischievous, feuding ghostly frenemies as they meddle in the affairs of two of their descendants (one each), this novella is a quick, sweet read.

Most of the romance and all of the eroticism comes towards the climax of the story, as the spirits realise what the reader knew all along… that they belong together in the afterlife despite their disagreements in life.

As usual with the romance I have read by Eleanor Harkstead and Catherine Curzon, any period details feel authentic and the relationship building, as friends and lovers, is natural and awwwww-inducing!

I have a minor quibble about the longevity of the descendant’s relationship, as their conflict is slightly contrived and hinges on the idea that they have such poor communication with each other that they can completely misinterpret the other’s deepest wishes.  This doesn’t seem like such a great basis for a solid relationship!  However, as the story is really about the other couple anyway, this isn’t really a big problem.

If you enjoy a quick, easy, lighthearted, paranormal erotic story then this one’s for you!


   At the sound of their guests letting themselves in at the front door, John sighed.  “Rookwood Manor has been in my family for generations, as well you know, you damned dandy interloper!”
“Indeed, sir, Sheridan Manor was once home to your people, but one believes there was the small matter of a duel and now it is mine.”  Sheridan glanced at John and beamed, his handsome face now fashionable pale.  He bowed low, a cloud of rose perfume billowing from the decadent cuffs.  “Let us go and say hello to our newest friends, Mr Rookwood!”

– Catherine Curzon & Eleanor Harkstead, The Captain’s Ghostly Gamble


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The Captain’s Ghostly Gamble releases on Amazon on 11th September.


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