The Captain and the Prime Minister – Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead

*I received a free ARC of this book, with thanks to the authors.  The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*

Blurb: When a devoted prime minster has a second chance at romance, he discovers that love is love on Downing Street.

Captain Tom Southwell has swapped bullets for babies and works as a manny at one of the world’s most famous addresses. Behind the doors of Downing Street, he cooks dinner, puts the children to bed and is the prime minister’s best friend.

Alex Hart is the prime minister Great Britain’s been dreaming of. He’s dedicated, caring and has a conscience. He’s also a widower with two small children. The last thing he can let himself do is fall in love with the manny who has held his family together.

When an old flame from Tom’s past gets in touch, Tom’s first instinct is to keep him at arm’s length, but hell hath no fury like a yoga teacher scorned. As Alex fights to push a life-changing bill through Parliament, the tabloid vultures are circling. With rumors swirling about the prime minister and his gorgeous manny, every shark in Westminster senses blood.

Will Alex put love ahead of duty, or will the most important man in the country be the loneliest, too?

Another sweet LGBTQIA love story from these two talented co-authors!

This time we meet Alex and Tom, and it isn’t really a story about falling in love, as it is pretty clear from the start that these two are smitten with each other (although they haven’t quite worked it out yet). Instead, the focus is on the obstacles to their happy-ever-after, including Alex’s young children and his lovely deceased wife; Tom’s horrible ex-boyfriend; and the minor issue of Alex being the Prime Minister of the UK and Tom being his employee.

In working through these various issues, Alex and Tom’s story is a touching, family-centred friends-to-lovers romance, with less of the raunchy sex romps and witty word play than I have come to expect from the Captivating Captains series, but instead a soft, slow gentle approach that was utterly disarming and felt very British.

On a sub-plot note, I fervently wish that our real-life political news featured more “love is love” and looking after children in poverty, instead of Brexit, anti-mask protests and bickering over free school meals! Curzon and Harkstead have created a recognisable but far preferable fictional world. I particularly giggled at the public comeuppance of a certain ‘Pierce Cowell’ on their version of morning TV. 😉

If you are looking for a well-written MM series of feelgood, true-love, HEA erotica, then Captivating Captains is the series for you, and The Captain and the Prime Minister is a lovely addition to the brigade… or in this case, to the family.

Tom heard Alex’s voice, as gentle now as it had been commanding in the Chamber earlier, wishing his sleeping children sweet dreams. Then, as he always did on the rare nights that he didn’t make it home in time for supper and bedtime with the twins he adored, Alex remained in the room for a while. He settled onto the beanbag where Tom had sat just a few minutes earlier and became part of a peaceful scene, soaking up the calm in that sometimes rather busy room that his son and daughter shared. And though the two children slept on, surely they sensed that protective presence watching over them until, with a whisper of, “I love you,” Alex rose to his feet and made his careful way toward the door.
Alex was such a lonely figure sometimes, and during those moments Alex shared with his children, Tom wondered if he was thinking of his late wife.
He shouldn’t ever be lonely. Gill wouldn’t have wanted it and Tom certainly didn’t. Alex deserved to be loved.

– Catherine Curzon & Eleanor Harkstead, The Captain and the Prime Minister

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The Captain and the Prime Minister is available on Amazon right now!

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