The Captain’s Cornish Christmas -Eleanor Harkstead & Catherine Curzon



*I received a free ARC of this story, with thanks to the authors.  The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*


A Captivating Captains story

For a lonely Cornish lifeboatman and an author who’s more used to crime scenes than love scenes, this Christmas is going to be very merry indeed!

When Jago Treherne agrees to man the Polneath lifeboats one snowy Christmas, he knows he can forget turkey and all the trimmings.

Yet when he boards a seemingly empty yacht and stumbles upon sexy Sam Coryton enjoying an energetic afternoon below decks, Jago soon realizes that he might be unwrapping a very different sort of Christmas gift this year!



I could go for the obvious pun and describe this story as a ‘quickie’ but that would be doing an injustice to the authors, who have managed (as usual) to create a touching paean to true love and romance in just a few short pages.

In this story we meet another Captivating Captain, a lifeboatman, and his famous author childhood friend… or more.

Obviously more!  As usual there is some steamy sex, lots of sweetly heartfelt dialogue and a warm, fuzzy glow of a happy ending. And a cute pet.  There is always a cute pet (just as there should be!).

The authors also manage to avoid the common trap of misunderstandings and miscommunications for their external relationship conflict, which always makes me doubt a couple’s suitability…how would you live with someone if you can’t talk to them?!  Instead, Jago and Sam both have their own baggage from past relationships but show an exemplary openness and honesty that bodes well for their New Year and further.

The Captain’s Cornish Christmas is a short, sweet and sexy story that is ideal for these cold festive nights.  Recommended with a roaring fire, a glass of mulled wine, and some cosy company!


   Only one set of double doors remained in the living quarters now and they stood, as they would in a murder mystery, right at the end of the hallway ahead of Jago.  He hadn’t seen a master bedroom so this must be it.  Despite himself the lifeboat captain, sturdy, brave, fearless, paused with his hands on the door handles.  He drew in a deep breath, told himself he had seen worse than a dead author and pushed the doors open.
Jago had only time to see a brief impression– a figure, sprawled across a bed.  A naked body.  Was this the work of some depraved psychopath?  “Bloody hell, no– Sam!”
“Jesus bloody Christ!” Sam’s hand– the hand that hadn’t been busy elsewhere– flashed out and seized the pristine white sheet.  He pulled it over his naked, sweat-sheened body at the same time as he tried to jump from the bed.  Instead he succeeded in catching his feet in the crisp linen, ending up in a tumbled heap on the floor, bare bottom uppermost.
“Everything’s fine,” award-winning author Sam Coryton, whose latest book was to be dramatized as the BBC’s big Boxing Day drama, exclaimed.  “I was just– I was– I fell asleep!”

– Eleanor Harkstead & Catherine Curzon, The Captain’s Cornish Christmas


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The Captain’s Cornish Christmas is available on Amazon on right now!


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