Book reviews


Simply send me a copy of your book/story (any format is fine, although a MOBI copy via email to is preferable if possible).

I accept any style/genre/length.

My current turnaround is 4-7 days, as I have a waiting list and other commitments.

Once read I will post my review to my blog and that will automatically upload it to my Facebook and Twitter pages.  I am happy to tag author/publisher on request and include any relevant tags you like (eg book title, character name, genre type).  I will also copy the main text of the review to and Goodreads with a rating for those sites.  I can also copy my review onto on request.


Proofreading and copy/content editing

This is a new service that I am trialling, as I previously only offered it to the authors of Siren Stories.

For £5.00 per 10,000 words*, I will read your copy and will highlight any spelling, punctuation,  grammatical and/or layout errors I find.

For £8.00 per 10,000 words* I will still check for the above errors, but will also edit the content of your text, offering comments on anything that I feel disrupts the rhythm or distorts the meaning of the story.

For £10.00 per 10,000 words* I will do all of the above, but instead of sending you my comments I will ‘live-read’ your work and comment via Facebook Messenger or direct message on Twitter as I go along.  This means you will get my thoughts and reactions immediately.  I will provide page or % references for any errors I find.

*These rates are all introductory and apply to the first manuscript you submit to me.  Rates may rise slightly if this becomes an established service, but I hope to keep prices as low as possible, to support independent authors.*

I will ask for payment by Paypal at the time of submitting the manuscript.  If you are unhappy with the service I provide I will refund in full.  If you are happy with my services I ask that you please leave me a Twitter/Facebook review!

Turnaround for these services is negotiable and will depend on the status of my waiting list at the time of submission.  I will give you my best estimate of timeline on first contact.

If you have any questions about any of the services I offer, please do not hesitate to contact me:




Facebook:  @bookshineblog

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Instagram:  bookshineblog