Review Policy and other services

Book reviews

Free, of course!

Simply send me a copy of your book/story!  Any format is fine, although a MOBI copy via email to  or a paperback to my home address (available on request) is preferable if possible.

I accept any style/genre/length.

My current turnaround is anywhere between 2-4 months (eek!), as I have a long waiting list and other commitments.  However if you have a specific deadline in mind, I do try to be accommodating wherever possible and am often open to negotiation and a bit of juggling around!

Once read I will post my review to my blog and that will automatically upload it to my Facebook and Twitter pages.  I am happy to tag author/publisher on request and include any relevant tags you like (eg book title, character name, genre type).  I will also copy the main text of the review to Amazon (UK and US), and Goodreads, with a rating for those sites.

I have seen some discussion recently around the posting, or not, of negative reviews.  I will always post an honest review and rating for a book, as I have a responsibility to other readers to do so.  If I find that a book is likely to be a very low rating (2 stars or less), I will contact the author directly to feed back my concerns before posting any review to my blog or other sites.  I consider 3* to be a good review, 4* to be very good, and 5* to be superlative.


Proofreading and copy/content editing

Jobs to be negotiated on an individual basis dependant on the length of manuscript and level of work required, but a general guide to my rates is as follows:

Beta read:  £0.0005p p/word
Proof read:  £0.0006p p/word
Proof read & copy editing:  £0.0007p p/word
These prices apply to the initial read-through and I am happy to answer any further questions you may have after my feedback.
For any additional reads / work after that, a small further charge would apply.

Please contact me for further details!





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