Promo Post: The Florentine – Tom Trott

Just dropping by today to let you know that international thriller The Florentine by Tom Trott is now available for pre-order (release date 6th May 2022). Check out the details below!

Blurb: When Cain retired from the CIA, he moved to Florence, Italy to get away from his past.

He’s had nine years to enjoy fine wine, good food, and the Tuscan countryside.

But now his old boss has tracked him down, and he needs Cain to do one last job.

What starts as a simple trade entangles Cain in a web of secrets involving the mafia, an NSA whistleblower, and his own past.

With the Italian police and international assassins on his trail, he’ll have to survive the night to solve the mystery of who wants him dead.

Exciting stuff! And you can pre-order it on Amazon right here, right now!

Find more from Tom Trott at his website here, or follow him on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Goodreads.

You can find my thoughts on his Brighton Detective trilogy on the following links: You Can’t Make Old FriendsChoose Your Parents WiselyIt Never Goes Away; my review of his horror novel, The Forbidden Zone here, and Tom’s thoughts on Ira Levin here.

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