Guest Post: The Colour of Mermaids – Catherine Curzon & Eleanor Harkstead

  Today I am honoured to be hosting a guest post by the author Eleanor Harkstead, to celebrate the launch of her latest book with co-author Catherine Curzon, The Colour of Mermaids.   First, here is the book!   Blurb:   When artist Eva Catesby is invited to an exhibition in honour of art world enfant terrible … Continue reading Guest Post: The Colour of Mermaids – Catherine Curzon & Eleanor Harkstead

Promo post: The Empties – Kristen Gorlitz

  If you fancy some gruesome cannibalistic horror then I have a tasty treat for you today! Author Kristen Gorlitz has contacted me to let me know that the Kickstarter for her horror graphic novel, The Empties, is already underway, but if any of my readers would like a grisly taster then she has kindly … Continue reading Promo post: The Empties – Kristen Gorlitz

Q&A with Matt Ferraz – The Horse and Mr Hyde

  I have a review coming up for this short story, but was lucky enough to get the opportunity to put a few questions to author Matt Ferraz about writing, reading and his stories. Here's what he had to say...!   As a writer: Do you have any writing quirks / odd writing habits? I’m … Continue reading Q&A with Matt Ferraz – The Horse and Mr Hyde

#Pondathon side quest – Varian’s Guilt

  Varian's Guilt side quest for the #Pondathon requires me to post about a book that got me through hard times. It's not one individual book, but as a child with undiagnosed ASD and OCD, I found tremendous comfort in collecting, reading and re-reading series books. This started with Colin Dann's Animals of Farthing Wood … Continue reading #Pondathon side quest – Varian’s Guilt

Pondathon fun and a personal update

  The current Pondathon side quest is to write a Haiku or short poem about your favourite book, so I've got that coming up for you, but first I just wanted to update you a little bit on what's been going on with me. You may or may not have already gathered that I suffer … Continue reading Pondathon fun and a personal update

#Pondathon Progress!

  For someone new to the Pondathon I have thrown myself in wholeheartedly and, with 2,609 pages read already, I am pretty sure that Team Xiaolong was the perfect fit for me! So far I have read:   The Other Bennet Sister - Janice Hadlow Blurb:  For fans of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, Janice Hadlow's The … Continue reading #Pondathon Progress!

Christmas Bookhaul!

My Christmas bookhaul was epic this year thanks to my husband, parents, brother and sister-in-law, and parents-in-law.  Check out this awesomeness - how lucky am I?!     And just to REALLY turn you all green, it will be my birthday in just over a month, so the forecast is looking BOOKS!!!   Wishing you … Continue reading Christmas Bookhaul!

One Book Ahead…

Gotta keep One blog ahead of the deadlines One post ahead of the pile Retweet, gotta go that extra mile (That’s dedication!)   One book ahead of the schedule That’s all, and that’s not far You guys, haven’t seen my TBR!   #bookworm #booklove #amreading #bookblog   Just a short review guys (Spread the booklove, … Continue reading One Book Ahead…