The Empire’s Rogues (6 novella volume) – Richard Parry

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*I received free copies of the novellas in this book, with thanks to the author.  The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*


Empire's Rogues e3be30dd62a134003a02e2e5f6e59887Blurb:  Nathan Chevell and Grace Gushiken are criminals.
That’s all they have in common. Nate ducks the law in Ganymede’s pirate port, and Grace runs from the Empire’s justice to Starfire Station. They face super soldiers, crime lords, bioweapons, cartels, and betrayal. They make friends you’ll love and enemies you’ll hate.
This book collects The Empire’s Rogues I-VI:
I.    Ganymede Steel
II.    Dragon’s Run
III.    Ganymede Plunder
IV.    Dragon’s Bargain
V.    Ganymede Plague
VI.    Dragon’s Rescue
If you love blaster and sword fights, adventure, and great dialogue, check out the Empire’s Rogues today!


The Empire’s Rogues consists of six novellas.  The Ganymede three feature lovable rogue Nate Chevell bluffing and smart-arsing his way in and out of some dangerous corners, while the Dragon set has the deadly efficient Grace Gushiken dodging friends and enemies to stay ahead of the Empire whilst she tries to determine her future course.

These stories are a great introduction to Richard Parry’s sci-fi settings and style.  They are fast-paced action/intrigue treats full of laser blasters, sword fights, mech-armour and data hacking.

Parry effortlessly blends futuristic tech with more traditional pirates and thieves in a way that is both new and familiar, and (in Nate’s stories) can bring a smile.  Grace’s path is a more emotional one, as she struggles to maintain a professional detachment against her clear longing for personal contact and companionship; balancing her assassin skills against her empath gift.

Both plot sequences start with a request for a theft which leads on to further problems and trickier moral dilemmas.  Who to trust is a running theme, along with the importance of forming and then living by your own individual moral code, in a society where the generally accepted rule of law may be corrupt.  Hence the criminals here are actually the heroes.

I haven’t yet read this author’s Ezeroc Wars/Tyche series (for which these stories serve as a backstory sneak peek for some main characters) but as a fan of classic space-opera style sci-fi I will definitely be checking them out!


“You want to buy something.”
“No, I want to steal something.”
“Huh.”  Nate hid astonishment behind the best poker face on the moon.
“That’s it?”  Don blinked.  “You’re not surprised?”
“I’m impressed you’re still alive,” admitted Nate.  “You’ve come to Ganymede to rob someone.  Only person worth thieving from is Pearl, on account of Pearl running things not already run by the Guard.”
“Why wouldn’t I want to steal from the Guard?”
“The Guard doesn’t have anything worth stealing you can’t get off-world in better condition for less coin.  So, you’ve got yourself a death wish.”  Nate sipped, made a face, and put the beer down.  “What’s Pearlescent Fang got that a fancy lad such as yourself couldn’t get closer to Sol?”

– Richard Parry, Ganymede Steel


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The Empire’s Rogues releases on 29th March, but is available to preorder on Amazon right now!



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