Suplex Sounds of the 70s (Filmic Cuts #5) – Oli Jacobs


*I received a free copy of this book, with thanks to the author.  The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*


Suplex Sounds 41gu9u2xuXL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_Blurb:  What is life like as a donut?

What is P22067?

And dare you play a game of Roulette?

Enter the darkened room of Filmic Cuts once more, as Oli Jacobs brings you Filmic Cuts 5: Suplex Sounds of the 70s. A book filled with tales glazed in greasy kebab meat, sparkling pastry sugar, and lashing of root beer from the Old West. That made you hungry? Well then, let’s hope you have a strong stomach…

From the mind that conjured up the madness that was Bad Sandwich, and the drunken adventures of Strange Days in High Wycombe, comes more tales of horror, comedy, and so much more. Listen to a ghost story, find out what links mobile phones & bananas, and discover who exactly Francis Penterland might be.

Open up, and let the yarns wrap you nice and tight…


If you have read any of Oli Jacobs’ writing then I hardly need to tell you what to expect from this collection of short fiction, but as that’s what I do, here goes anyway…!

Suplex Sounds of the 70s is an eclectic mixture of sci-fi, horror and humour.  The stories range from the mundane but rhapsodical delights of a late night kebab to the horrors of pod people, reincarnation as food and the exploration of a time tear that leads to a colourless but deadly alternate reality.

Jacobs’ voice on the page is that of the oral tradition; the pub storyteller drawing ghostly inspiration from his draughts of ale.  His use of casual tone and colloquial dialect lulls the reader into an unsuspecting familiarity which juxtaposes with his extraordinary subject matter to great effect.

My personal favourite of the seven stories presented here would have to be the last, and longest, Roulette which features the familiar Russian form of this gambling scenario and shifts it into a terrifying dystopian game show.  The stakes are high, the stereotype characters are present (or are they?), and let The Game commence.  The very plausibility of the events adds to the shiver as the story plays out to its unexpected outcome.

A nice quick read here for fans of dark, quirky, and downright odd short stories!



   Death, they say, is a funny thing.
Well, some people say it.  More than likely folk with a dark sense of humour.  Naturally, there are those who would disagree.  Heartily, in fact.  Because for some people death is an utterly tragic thing, which wrenches people apart and brings terrible times upon their lives.  I mean, it’s horrible.
But this story isn’t about them.

– Oli Jacobs, ‘Donut’ in Suplex Sounds of the 70s


Suplex Sounds 51CJM3mKUJL._SY600_
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Suplex Sounds of the 70s is available on Amazon right now!



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