Blog Tour: Princess No Knots – Deborah Dillon & Matt Richards

*I received a free copy of this book with thanks to the authors and Rachel Gilbey at Rachel’s Random Resources blog tours. The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*

Blurb: Princess No Knots LOVES her long golden hair as much as she LOVES her bath time, but she does NOT love having it brushed. When her flowing locks end up in knots, the King tells her they will have to be cut and takes away her crown.

Enter a world of determination, sprinkled with a small dose of magic, to find out if the strong-willed Princess finds a way to get back her crown, keep her name and save the hair she so loves.

A must-read rhyming picture book for any parent who struggles with the dreaded ‘hair wash’ night!

Although she is nine years old, and this book is really aimed at a slightly younger audience, we read it very pointedly in the direction of Minishine Multi-Knots! Yes, the older Shine child has long, tangly hair and HATES brushing it herself (‘boring’, apparently) but LOATHES letting me do it (you would think I was brushing it with poisoned rusty spikes from the fuss). We found a lot to identify with in this story!

The book is a simple, rhyming story about a princess who lets her hair get so knotty that only magic can rescue it. The illustrations that accompany the story are bold, colourful and absolutely delightful, and both children (Babybows is six) really engaged with both the pictures and the words.

Here are their thoughts:

Babybows (6): That was really sad at the crying part. I thought the king was being a bit mean because he could just have helped her brush it with some squirty conditioner or something.

Minishine (9): I really love the pictures, especially of the princess… she’s SOOOOOO cute!

Me: Actually she reminds me a lot of you! And the page where she argues with the king was just like you and Dad when you get started…

Bb: I like the bits when they are NOT arguing best.

Ms: It was all about learning to brush your hair to make it smooth and don’t leave it all knotty so it gets in a worm nest. And I like the princess because she is pretty and I like her long, long, long hair; longer than Rapunzel’s!

Bb: I liked the king because he looks nice and fancy. But he was mean telling her off and making her cry.

Ms: Five stars!

Bb: Ten out of ten!

So, a definite hit in the Shine house for this one! It is both entertaining and edifying, with a simple moral about self-care that resonates with children due to the fun, well-written (and drawn) presentation.

Perfect for any other naughty, knotty prince and princesses out there. Minishine, we’re all looking at you!!! 😉

Author Bio

Deborah Dillon’s love of books, poems and story telling stems from her Granddad Jim who always used to make up stories at bedtime when she was young. Every story would take her to crazy worlds of adventure and friendship, each story sprinkled with a tiny bit of determination.

Since having children of her own Deborah has continued this family tradition but rather than keeping all the stories in her head, she decided to write them down. As her children were growing up she was inspired to write about whatever obstacles or challenges they, or their friends, faced then overcame. Deborah is a firm believer that something magical happens when you read a book together.

You can find more from Deborah Dillon on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Princess No Knots is available on Amazon right now!

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