Spotlight: James Litherland, author at Outpost Stories

Today I am bringing you a peak into the back catalogue and new releases of prolific author James Litherland.

James has three series available at the moment – one complete trilogy and two ongoing sagas. So, let’s have a look at them!

Miraibanashi – 3 novels of espionage and revolution in a dystopian future Japan

In this dystopian future Japan, a few brave souls take on a corrupt system—from the inside.

In the shadow of Mt. Fuji, the oppressive Batsu government controls the rebuilding of a devastated country, bestowing boons on privileged citizens while leaving the rest to fend for themselves on the fringes. After a disastrous job ends with Batsu enforcers hunting him, reformed thief Roshike runs—right into the heart of their regime, the fortified Gaku complex, to take on an almost impossible task. And he just might stand a slim chance of success, if only he’ll accept some help. But first he has to figure out who to trust.

An unusual revolution has begun…

Find the Miraibanashi series on Amazon here!

Next up, we have the Watchbearers series. There are six books already out in this series and book 7, Nuclear Secrets, releases on 11th March 2022 and is available to pre-order right now!

Have a look…

Watchbearers: When everything goes wrong, they keep going on…

From Book 1: When it all goes sideways, they keep going on.

Everything goes wrong when the first research expedition from the future lands in the summer of 2000 in New York City. The master time-travel device is destroyed, the professor in charge is killed, and the rest of the travelers are scattered across that ancient metropolis. They’re stranded in the past, their project in shambles from the start, and their troubles are only beginning…

Research Assistant Samantha finds her team leader just in time to witness one of her colleagues kill him—and she’s the only person in a position to bring the murderer to justice. Mugged on a sidewalk in the middle of the day, Team Leader Page finds help from a native of the era, but graduate physics student Matt Walker proves too curious about her—and her watch—for comfort. And after seeing her mentor die before her eyes, Team Leader Anya struggles to salvage something from the disaster, starting with rounding up the rest of the travelers—not knowing even that much has already become an impossible task. Or that circumstances are conspiring to put her in very personal peril…

Find the Watchbearers series on Amazon here and check out my reviews of Book 1, Millenium Crash, and Book 2, Centenary Separation.

Last, but definitely not least, is the Slowpocalypse series. Book 7, Catalytic Agents, was just released on 3rd December 2021 and Book 8, Perilous Migration, is due to release on 15th November 2022 but is already available to pre-order now – THAT is forward planning!

Slowpocalypse – The end is coming. Everything will change. But the moment has been prepared for.

From Book 1: Everything will change. But the moment has been prepared for.

Katherine Miles and David Belue, students at the first Federal University and Research Complex in central Florida, face a new and dangerous reality when the compound is sealed to keep the facilities out of the hands of a secessionist governor. Each will try in their own way to protect the community from threats without and within, and that could cost them their lives…

Find the Slowpocalypse series on Amazon here and check out my reviews of Book 1, Critical Contingencies, Book 2, Threat Multiplication, and Book 5, Political Homicide.

About the Author

James Litherland is a graduate of the University of South Florida, and now resides as a Virtual Hermit in the wilds of West Tennessee. He has lived various places and done a number of jobs – been an office worker and done hard manual labor, worked (briefly) in the retail and service sectors, and been an instructor. But through all that, he has always been a writer.

He is a Christian who tries to walk the walk (and not talk much.)

James has been a voracious reader for as long as he can remember. He cut his teeth on Nancy Drew and devoured all the pulpy adventure stories he could get his hands on before moving to genre greats like Agatha Christie and Isaac Asimov. Then in junior high he became a writer. He started studying the craft of writing – reading books and magazine articles, joining a writers’ group, and taking creative writing classes – and he wrote short stories, eventually a novel, and even some poetry. After over thirty years of practice he thought he’d learned a little, and that’s when he wrote his debut novel Critical Contingencies and published it independently. And he learns a bit more with every book he writes.

Find more from James Litherland at his website here, or follow him on BookBub, Goodreads and Amazon.


2 thoughts on “Spotlight: James Litherland, author at Outpost Stories

  1. Thank you, Steph, for taking time out of your busy schedule to feature my books! You write some of the most insightful (even when critical) reviews on the net, and I hope you’re feeling better soon and able to share your thoughts with us more often. (Because I need to add more books to my ever-growing TBR pile :shakes head:)

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    1. My pleasure, James! I will be happy to get going again and add some of my TBR pile to yours! 😉


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