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Love Delusion


*I received a free copy of this book with thanks to the author and Rachel Gilbey at Rachel’s Random Resources blog tours. The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*


Blurb:  LOVE IS . . . A MYTH?

That’s the belief of Frida McKenzie, devoted member of The Love Delusion movement, determined to cure humans of our ridiculous obsession with love.Love Delusion Cover with shout large

But there’s something she’s forgotten…

When Frida finds a mysterious picture of herself with a man she barely knows, the certainties she has about her world begin to unravel.

What are the sinister roots of the cult that seems to have gripped humanity? Why can’t she remember anything about her life before – including the strange(ly attractive) man in that picture? And just when exactly did she take up fantasy role play?

As a battle approaches that’s been millennia in the making, it’s beginning to look like there’s only one question that really matters: if love conquers all, what happens when it’s gone?



I started my book blog to shout about books that I love.  Today is a very good day to be a book blogger!  Today The Love Delusion launches and oh my gods and goddesses I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!

We are back with Frida and Dan, so I thoroughly recommend that you read The Gods of Love first – it sets the world and characters up and is also frigging awesome, so why wouldn’t you?!

That said, this is not the Frida and Dan that we knew and loved.  From the very beginning we are plunged back into another world-saving adventure, but the bad guys got to out heroes before we could properly catch up with them, and now they are… changed.

One of the many things I love about Nicola Mostyn’s stories is how very real Frida feels. We, the reader, know from the very start that she is an unreliable narrator due to circumstances, but she is the one telling the story and she is (almost) fully committed to her version of events.  It is simultaneously frustrating and exciting, and I fizzled with nervous adrenaline through the entire book.

The story returns to the battle between the gods – specifically Anteros and Eros/Zeus – and our poor oracle and love lawyer are pawns on the playing board.  Except that they aren’t good as doing what they are told, or what is expected of them, or even understanding any of the above in the first place.  While the concepts of love and not-love duke it out, Frida has to face some nasty truths about herself and about the strength of faith… for good and for bad.

If you enjoy urban fantasy adventures with mythological roots, that have a strong female lead stuffed with self-doubt and sarcasm, then look no further.  My only complaint is that this is the LAST BOOK!  It is a duology, not a sprawling epic multi-series.  How can the author do this to us?!  Still… I can’t wait to see what she writes next.

Now go and BUY THIS BOOK!!!  It won’t change your life, but it’s a rollercoaster of a read and bloody funny!


We’ve been on the road for ten minutes when I get a bad feeling, an uneasy prickling on the back of my neck.  It could just be a reaction to my new pineapple-scented suntan lotion or maybe even a simple case of abject paranoia, but a) I’ve never been the sensitive type and b) if these last few months have taught me anything, it’s that things aren’t ever as awful as they seem – they’re always so much f*cking worse.

– Nicola Mostyn, The Love Delusion


Nicola Mostyn May 16

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The Love Delusion releases on Amazon today!



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