Fake News: Strange Historical Facts Reimagined in the World of Donald Trump – David Hutter

Fake News 2

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Fake News


Blurb:  With fictional Donald Trump anecdotes that are based on the mess created by some of history’s greatest megalomaniacs and worst decision-makers, this satire offers the small consolation that while things are bad right now, the world has been here before…

Focusing on the Donald’s attitude towards North Korea as well as his relationships with the UK and his sycophantic advisers, this novella draws on bizarre and obscure historical facts from, for instance, ancient China, Tudor England, revolutionary France and the Cold War. Those facts — which include a rabbit attack, the accidental loss of nuclear bombs and the ceremonial burial of presidential body parts — are described at the end of each chapter.



Fake News is a hilarious satirical blend of fact and fiction.

David Hutter takes fascinating (and funny) historical anecdotes, updates them and transposes them into Trump’s modern America.  It is an ingenious concept.  The reader is tempted into scoffing at the fictitious scenarios because surely not even President Trump and his cohort would go that far.  Then you get to the non-fiction addendum to the chapter and realise that not only could it happen, but it has happened before!

Conversely there are some occasions when Hutter’s imaginings seem to offer the only plausible behind-the-scenes explanation for some of the public tweets and speeches we have seen.  Raging about tearing down a statue suddenly seems more acceptable when we find out it is a coincidentally-timed self-statue at the forefront of his thoughts, rather than the politically-charged podium from reality.

The style of the fiction sections is pitch-perfect in terms of the chaotic tone Trump and his administration present to the world via news conferences and social media, giving the humour a biting edge.  Trump is portrayed as a capricious and fickle child; petulant and self-obsessed, and his advisors as desperate sycophants tossing morality aside to grasp for gold and favour.  I’m not actually sure any of the characterisation qualifies as satire!

Fans of political humour from the likes of Private Eye, Have I Got News For You and The Daily Show will be likely to enjoy this light, yet scathing, witty take on current (and past) events.

The scariest thing of all is how utterly believable it all is!


   “Spicer,” he said, while logging on to Twitter, “we’re replacing the statue at the Lincoln Memorial with one of me and renaming the whole thing the Trump Memorial.  I’m about to announce it on Twitter, but I need you to tell the media, as well.”
Instantly wide awake, Spicer said: “Mr President, I don’t think that’s a good idea, especially not on your first day in office.”
“But I’m the best President ever!”
“Yes, but we need more evidence to back it up.”
“I’ve got a letter from my doctor saying I’m the healthiest President ever and that my test results were astonishingly excellent.”
“I don’t think the media will consider that a reason to replace Lincoln’s statue.”

– David Hutter, Fake News


Fake News David Hutter

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Pictured:  Tweets from the President of the USA.  Not satire.
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