Love, Lies & Hocus Pocus: Legends – Lydia Sherrer

Blurb:  Legends exist in the past…until now. How very inconsiderate of them.

The battle has been won, but the war is far from over. With her greatest ally at death’s door, it is up to Lily Singer to make things right. Troublemaking witch friend and talking cat in tow, she must pursue her father to England where he seeks an ancient evil to steal its power for himself. But when a queen of the fae gets involved and Sebastian’s mistakes come back to haunt him, the three friends have to think fast and act faster to defeat legends that refuse to stay in the past.

Far from home and facing perilous odds, Lily fears she’s not strong enough to keep her friends safe and win the day. Can she rise to the occasion or will this adventure be the end of them all?

The stakes are up in this, the fourth installment of the adventures of Lily Singer (librarian wizard), Sebastian (rogue witch) and Sir Edgar Allen Kipling (talking cat and sarcastic supremo).  Fans of previous novels will have seen the peril gradually increasing from localised hauntings and time slips, to the current full-on saving humanity from wizardly death or enslavement.

As the title suggests the enemy has also escalated, from generic curses and artefacts, through evil family members, to one of the most famous magic-users of legend.  I was interested to see how Lydia Sherrer would handle Morgan le Fay in this series and this first introduction did not disappoint in terms of threat level or distinct personality.

Of course one of the main strengths in this series is the bonds between our main characters, and here also there is some nice development, along with even more lovable and/or unique side characters to add to the ever-growing cast of goodies (and even baddies) that I need to see more of.

I loved the development of the Fae side of the plot, with a bit more backstory about Sebastian and his magic.  There is a lot of potential for further story in this enmeshment with the other realm, which I am quite excited about.  Lily in England was fun too, as she was simultaneously out of her comfort zone, yet firmly amongst ‘her people’!

To sum up, this is another great book for fans of light-hearted magical derring-do in a series that keeps getting better.  Bring on Book 5!

Sebastian shrugged, giving her a silly grin.  “Just excited, I suppose.  I mean, come on, we’re having an adventure.  Anything could happen!  Daring escapes from dastardly villains, life-and-death struggles with monstrous creatures, intrepid explorations of wild landscapes never before seen by the eyes of men__”

“You do realise we’re going to England, right?”  Lily asked dryly, smiling in spite of herself.

– Lydia Sherrer, Legends

Here is Lydia Sherrer’s website, and you can contact her on Facebook and Twitter.

For my reviews of the first and third books in the series, check here and here.


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