Blog Tour: On the Seventh Day – Mark Wilson

*I received a free copy of this book with thanks to the author and to Zoé of Zooloo’s Book Tours.  The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*

Blurb: God is furious.

He has run out of patience with humans and decided that our time is over.

We’ve had our chance and it’s back to the drawing board.

Mo, and Jay, best friends who’ve screwed up in the past, beg him for one more chance to get the humans back on track.

Alongside Mr Saluzar, the head of a global charity foundation, and Nick, The Fallen Angel, they hurtle towards Armageddon and their one chance to prove God wrong.

They have seven days to save us

This book starts as a witty religious satire and turns into something far more profound, and disturbingly sensical.

There are two main plot threads: Nick has had a bit of a falling out with his best friend and boss, Stewart, and now Stewart is threatening to close the whole company down, liquidate all assets and burn the place to the ground. The problem is, Stewart is God, the company is the whole world and everyone in it, and Nick… well, you’ve heard of Old Nick, right? While Nick sits in a bar, telling his version of the Biblical story to the distraught human barmaid, two heavenly hippie pals (Mo and Jay) hijack human bodies and attempt to spread a message of love and peace to all on earth, in a last ditch attempt to save humanity from Stewart’s almighty wrath.

Not only was I rooting for the literal devil throughout this story, but his version of events made so much sense to me that my sense of emotional and spiritual balance was shaken to the ground in reading this. As all good satire does, it entertained me whilst simultaneously making me question everything I previously believed – and I am not religious… I can’t imagine how worried I would feel right now if I was a fervent believer.

This fast-paced, apocalyptic riot of a book does offer a glimpse of hope for mankind, but as it involves relying heavily on the Second Coming and a LOT of things going wrong for a lot of people, I will hold off on praying for it and just try my best not to be a c-expletive-t in the meantime.

I would definitely read more from Mark Wilson and think fans of books like Good Omens (Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman), Carpet Diem (Justin Lee Anderson), Here Comes the Sun or Only Human (both by Tom Holt), would really enjoy this religious raking-over-the-coals.

And may Jay, Mo and Nick save us all!

Nick regarded the drink in his hands for several moments, then leaned across the table. Taking his best friend’s hand he whispered quietly.

“My Lord, I will be your opponent until the legions of souls in Hell are elevated to Heaven. Until I can teach each of the souls who come to me that the path to glory is forgiveness. Forgiveness of your callous disregard of their spirituality and capacity for greatness. Forgiveness for the rape, torture, genocide and hate that you allow to proliferate because you think the human beasts, like each of those you created to prowl and slither and scutter across the earth.

“They are not. They have transcended you and the need for the idea of you. Each and every soul I send to you magnifies your greatness. I will send a torrent of eligible souls to you. I will empty Hell and increase your glory.”

Stewart lit another Regal King-Size and eyed his eternal adversary and best friend.

“Fancy the calamari, Nicky?” He asked.

Nick grinned. “I do, chief. I do.”

– Mark Wilson, On the Seventh Day

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