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*I received a free copy of this book with thanks to the author and Rachel Gilbey at Rachel’s Random Resources blog tours. The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*


Blurb:  In 2020 Britain elects its own Donald Trump…

Douglas - The Time of LiesBob Grant, former football hooligan, now the charismatic leader of the Britain s Great party (slogan: Britain s Great! End of!) has swept to power on a populist tide. With his itchy finger hovering over the nuclear trigger, Bob presides over a brave new Britain where armed drones fill the skies, ex-bankers and foreigners are vilified, and the Millwall football chant No one likes, we don t care has become an unofficial national anthem.

Meanwhile, Bob s under-achieving, Guardian-reading brother Zack gets a tap on the shoulder from a shady Whitehall mandarin. A daring plot is afoot to defy the will of the people and unseat the increasingly unstable PM. Can Zack stop his brother before he launches a nuclear strike on Belgium? And just what is ACERBIC, Britain s most closely-guarded military secret?

A darkly comic political thriller, Time of Lies is also a terrifyingly believable portrait of an alternative Britain. It couldn’t happen here… could it?


Book’s great!  End of.

Except that much like the traditional politicians I can’t possibly stop with just the soundbite and must instead expound in more detail upon that very simple point.  Unlike many politicians, I will be telling the truth!

Time of Lies is a scathing satire on British, and world, politics.  Douglas Board effortlessly blends together actions we are seeing unfold right now in Britain, Europe and the USA with historical lessons that we should have learnt (but apparently not) to create a terrifying scenario which feels minutes away from actually becoming a memoir of current events.

Here we see a post-Brexit Britain, riven by in-fighting and abashed by the mockery of other countries turning away from traditional politicians and their machinations to elect a ‘common man’.  A man who says it straight.  A man who offers simple solutions to complex problems.  A man who talks tough and carries knife scars.  Bob Grant.  Meanwhile the civil service establishment desperately plots to minimise the damage of giving nuclear codes and foreign diplomacy over to the sort of man who hires his cab driver to be Minister for Transport, and Bob’s lookalike-but-liberal brother Zack starts polishing up his acting skills for the role of a lifetime.

Douglas Board has perfectly captured the tumultuous feeling of a country in crisis and reveals the inner workings of the British political establishment with humour but scary prescience (hopefully not!).

Those who lean away from Trumpian wham-bam-Twitterfan politics will either enjoy or be horrified by this ‘story’.  Probably both!  If you enjoy political satire then buy this one.  End of.



Electoral meltdown was the dish of the day being served up in the dining rooms of all the older parties, including the United Kingdom Independence Party.  UKIP’s electricity had been stolen by BG and wired up to organisational discipline and youth appeal.  What was left resembled a night out in a golf club for time-share salesmen.

– Douglas Board, Time of Lies




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Time of Lies is available on Amazon right now!


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