The Hunt / The Eighties Ladies – Jacqueline Terrill

  *I received free ARCs of this book and novella, with thanks to the author. The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*   The Hunt - Jacqueline Terrill Blurb:   After thirty years of marriage, Rachel observes herself amid a matrimonial nightmare. While at first, she sought to write off Seth's nighttime escapades … Continue reading The Hunt / The Eighties Ladies – Jacqueline Terrill


The Talking Parcel – Gerald Durrell

  Blurb:   Moon carrot Pie, Moon carrot Pie It'll liven you up, bring a gleam to your eye. Oh, a cow in a manger, a pig in a sty They all love their slices of Moon carrot Pie said the parcel in two different voices. 'It's incredible,' said Peter. 'What do you think it is? … Continue reading The Talking Parcel – Gerald Durrell