Promo Post: Authors Who Spice Up SmallTowns – The Books, Part 1

A bit of a treat for romance fans today, as a few authors have collaborated to bring us a bit of info about their latest books and/or series starters, featuring smalltowns that will make your heart skip a beat.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll have some tips for you related to hobbies and date night ideas, straight from the authors themselves, but for today let’s just have a look at some of the books…

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Jade, needing an escape from her life, Jade follows her best friend for a new job- and just so happens to run into the boy who used to work for her dad. Logan.

Logan met Jade at her first job. And despite his attraction to her, he kept his distance after all her father owns the company he works for, and he wants to keep his job. But now, it’s been years and when he runs into her… he can’t deny the connection is still there. Especially now that they are both single.

But just because they are both single doesn’t mean things aren’t complicated anymore. Like when Logan’s ex shows up, when Jade starts working with Logan again, and when Jade’s father thinks about buying the company Logan works for.

Purchase Link: Gorgeous on Amazon

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She thought it didn’t matter who she married. He begged to differ.

Her family never had a good standing in the small town Dawn lived in. When she finally had the chance to be seen, she had to get married quickly. No big deal, right? Nice enough and absolutely honest—those are Dawn’s only requirements for her spouse. So why not go for that marriage-of-convenience? Because after the nuptials she might find out, Joss is her Mr Right—and a liar, too. That’s why.

This novella has all the small-town feels, pesky neighbors and all. Whereas the love is sweet, the sizzle is hot, so 18+. No cliffhanger. No cheating. HEA guaranteed.

Purchase Link: Nice Enough on Amazon

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Hope and Alex… two wounded hearts meet in an island paradise.

Can their wary spark become an unbreakable destiny?

After her carefully ordered life is upended, Hope Collins desperately needs a change. This comes when she unexpectedly finds herself the owner of a scuba diving resort on the Caribbean island of St. Croix.

But she arrives to complications, especially one tall, gorgeous, yet enigmatic dive instructor.

Alex Monroe is trying to forget the past and only wants a quiet life. He hadn’t planned on a life leading dives on a tropical island, but he’s made peace with it. Kind of. Then Hope arrives, and his existence is turned upside down as he becomes captivated by her.

Past wounds have scarred both. Hope has learned never to trust a man. Alex has closed himself off, existing but not living. They fight the attraction, but a series of mishaps drive them together.

Can two damaged souls find hope in each other?

Purchase Link: Finding Hope on Amazon

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Newly divorced and currently unemployed, Regan Sinclair is having a tough year. And she’s about to return to the small Montana town her younger self couldn’t wait to leave. While she’s excited to reconnect with her friends and sisters, she swears it’s only until she figures out next steps. But putting Sapphire Creek behind her—again—gets harder when she sees her best friend’s brother. The boy she kissed and then left without a word.

​Security consultant Gavin McCabe is a simple guy. He’s got solid friends, a couple of incredible kids, and a business built from the ground up. Life is trucking along as planned—until Regan reappears and knocks him flat on his ass. Now all bets are off. Years ago he let her walk away without a fight, he won’t make that mistake again.​

But Regan’s meddling parents and interfering ex seem determined to stand in Gavin’s way. And those problems are only the beginning. Because while Regan and Gavin’s feelings are growing, so is an unexpected danger in their usually sleepy town. To claim their second chance, they’ll have to risk everything.

“Settle in for sexy chemistry and second chances–Sapphire Creek runs hot in Carmen Cook’s hands.” – Laurel Greer

Coming In Hot is book one in the Sapphire Creek Series.

Purchase link: Coming in Hot on Amazon

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Max and Josie have been best friends since the fourth grade, but when they’re snowed in overnight and the power goes out, their “just friends” relationship is put to the test when they snuggle for warmth.

Josie has only had one secret her entire life: she’s been in love with her best friend for two decades. She’d never risk losing the most important relationship in her life, so she’s shielded her feelings from her broad-shouldered cinnamon roll BFF, Max.

Max moved back to Benning Falls, Vermont, to run his family’s maple syrup farm after breaking off his engagement. As he’s spent more time with his best friend, Josie, thoughts of her perfect curves and sparkling smile invade his thoughts more and more.

Can this rom-com-obsessed maple syrup farmer keep his hands and spicy thoughts to himself? Or will he be willing to risk the possibility of a happily ever after even if it means risking the most solid friendship in his life?


  • Snowed In + Forced Proximity
  • Best Friends to Lovers
  • Solo Sessions
  • Spicy Scenes
  • Only One (warm) Bed
  • Hurt / Comfort
  • “Yes, sir” / “Good girl”
  • Vermont in the Winter
  • Maple Syrup Farm Vibes
  • Never Have I Ever + Drunken Confessions
Purchase lInk: Snowed In & Snuggle Weather on Amazon

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From the author of the Confetti Confidential series, Aloha Love and A Moonta Bay Christmas comes a fast-paced, fun story about love, sacrifice and finding your way through the hard times.

After the death of her mother and an epic family fallout, Bree Randle gave a middle finger to Moonta Bay and left the town in her rear-view mirror for good. But now, with her best friend Emma planning her Valentine’s Day wedding and pleading for her to be there, Bree has to put aside her own feelings and return home.

Worse still, the ex that broke her heart is one of the groomsmen and the celebrant is the big-headed jock she despised in high school. And that’s just the beginning of the drama.

Can Bree mend the deep rift with her sister, confront the people from her past that hurt her, and save her best friend from heartache before it’s too late?

Story Features::

  • Old enemies to new lovers
  • Reluctant homecoming
  • Family drama
  • Old wounds
  • Ethical dilemmas
  • Hard decisions
  • Moving on
Purchase Link: A Moonta Bay Valentine’s Wedding (Disaster) on Amazon

That’s six of the eleven books I have to show you… plenty of sugar, spice and nice smalltown men to sink your teeth into here, and more where that came from!

Pop back over here next week to catch up on the rest of this list, containing all the sassy, spicy, sexy, and smalltown goodness you could ever need.

Just because Valentine’s Day has passed, doesn’t mean you can’t snuggle up with a bit of love all year round!


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