Promo Post: Wildest Hunger – Laura Laakso

I just had to stop by today to shout about the release of the latest in Laura Laakso’s Wilde Investigations series, Wildest Hunger!

I was lucky enough to be sent an ARC (with thanks to Louise Walters Books) and am thrilled to be bringing you my review on 7th November (with thanks to Claire Maxwell PR) but I couldn’t resist whetting your appetites with a quick look at what is to come…!

Blurb: “Blood is all there is.”

“What happens when the blood is not enough?”

The oldest and gravest of the Wild Folk laws dictates that human flesh must not be consumed. When half-eaten bodies start turning up between Old London and the North, Yannia Wilde knows the killer can only be one of her kind. When Yannia’s betrothed, Dearon, insists on joining forces with her and Karrion, things get even more complicated.

While Yannia tries to balance tracking down the killer with the tension between her, Dearon, and Karrion, another case in Old London draws her attention. A West Mage Council member, whom Yannia exposed as a Leech only days before, has gone missing, and his girlfriend is found murdered in his flat. Is the Leech, a master of deception, capable of murder, or has someone framed him?

Caught in the web of Old London’s political intrigue, Yannia must learn to play the game and to choose her allegiances with care. But to catch a predator of her kind, she must also embrace her wildness and set aside everything that makes her human.

The brilliant fourth novel in the paranormal crime series Wilde Investigations.

Eeeeek! Sounds tasty, right?!

I can’t wait to get stuck in and let you all know my thoughts in just over a week’s time!

Until then, I will leave you with my reviews of the first three books in the series, as an appetiser: Fallible Justice; Echo Murder; Roots of Corruption.

Pre-order Link: Wildest Hunger (releases 31st October 2022) on Louise Walters Books

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