Blog Tour: The Fashion Fix – Lexi Rees

*I received a free copy of this book with thanks to the author and Rachel Gilbey at Rachel’s Random Resources blog tours. The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*

Blurb: If you love fashion, this activity book will help you create a wardrobe which reflects your personal style AND is mindful of the impact the fashion industry has on the environment and human welfare.

  • Learn the shocking facts about fashion
  • Make better choices when shopping
  • Develop your own unique style
  • Get creative with friends and family
  • Discover fun ways to upstyle and upcycle your wardrobe
  • Be crafty with recycling garments and fabrics

“Beautifully designed and bursting with ideas to help you get creative, The Fashion Fix is a smart, savvy and practical guide that will inspire you to dress more sustainably without sacrificing your personal style. It’s packed with important facts but never feels depressing or preachy – instead it shows you how joyful it is to set yourself free from fast fashion and build a wardrobe that’s uniquely yours, without costing the earth. I wish I’d had it when I was growing up! But it’s still taught me a thing or two now.” Lauren Bravo, author of How to break up with fast fashion.

Minishine fancies herself a little bit of a fashionista and is always designing outfits and mix ‘n’ matching her clothes to create some unusual combos, so when I spotted this latest children’s activity book from Lexi Rees I knew it would be just her style!

This is a fashion book with a difference though, as the focus is on making the most of the clothes you already have, in fun and creative ways. The book starts with some information about ways in which our clothing choices can affect the environment adversely, before educating on steps we can take to limit that impact and make more sustainable clothing choices (while still looking great!)

Alongside the theme of ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’, the author provides a whole load of fashion crafting activities that you can use to jazz up old items or create new accessories and Minishine immediately began listing all of the makes she wanted to try (basically all of them!). Meanwhile I immediately noted the ‘clothing pile technique’ page for tackling the neglected items in the children’s wardrobe – and my own!

Everything is presented in a very child-friendly way, with bright, funky illustrations and accessible language, so we could chat through it together, but Minishine could also take it away to dip in and out of on her own.

Here are the children’s thoughts:

Minishine (9): I really like the activities and quizzes!

Babybows (6): Like the word search. I like the word search best. I didn’t like some of the quizzes because I haven’t got a floaty dress or things.

Minishine: You haven’t got ANY dresses, but I have! I really want to make ALL the things in there! Can we make something right now?

Me: I think the idea is to get rid of some of your old stuff before you start adding new stuff…

Minishine: Hmmm, yes. Because it’s important to think about where it all comes from. I never knew that. It’s really sad that people get treated badly to make clothes, especially children. When I’m older and buy my own clothes I’m going to check all the shops to make sure that the people that make their clothes are treated fairly.

Babybows: I don’t like clothes shopping, but I do like sewing, so I think I’ll just fix the things I have and keep them instead!

Me: Okay. But you still both have to sort out your wardrobe now. The book says so!

So, educational and entertaining, and might just help you get your kids’ clothes under control!

Lexi Rees’ books are always great for getting children engaged and interested, and there is lots of food for thought here about the ethics of our day-to-day styles and practical activities for improving our environmental and ethical impact through fashion.

I was wrong in my original assessment, for while this is definitely ideal for any budding fashionistas out there, it is also essential reading for anyone who wears clothes!

The Book Dragon Club - Lorraine-16

Find more from Lexi Rees at her website here, or follow her on FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube and Goodreads.

The Fashion Fix is available on Amazon right now!

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2 thoughts on “Blog Tour: The Fashion Fix – Lexi Rees

    1. Thank you! My two always enjoy reviewing your books and love all the activities you pack into them. This one is particularly up their street as they are both fond of sewing and Minishine adores fashion in all forms. 🙂


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