Blog Tour: Death in the Mist – Jo Allen

*I received a free copy of this book with thanks to the author and Rachel Gilbey at Rachel’s Random Resources blog tours. The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*

Blurb: A drowned man. A missing teenager. A deadly secret.

When Emmy Leach discovers the body of a drug addict, wrapped in a tent and submerged in the icy waters of a Cumbrian tarn, she causes more than one problem for investigating officer DCI Jude Satterthwaite. Not only does the discovery revive his first, unsolved, case, but the case reveals Emmy’s complicated past and opens old wounds on the personal front, regarding Jude’s relationship with his colleague and former partner, Ashleigh O’Halloran.

As Jude and his team unpick an old story, it becomes increasingly clear that Emmy is in danger. What secrets are she and her controlling, coercive husband hiding, from the police and from each other? What connection does the dead man have with a recently-busted network of drug dealers? And, as the net closes in on the killer, can Jude and Ashleigh solve a murder — and prevent another?

A traditional British detective novel set in Cumbria.

This is the seventh in the DCI Satterthwaite mystery series and at this point I feel like it is important to read them in order, as while the individual main plots do stand alone, the character development and the relationships between them are building and layering as we go along. Plus, they are all very good stories and therefore it would be a shame to miss out on any!

In this story, Jude and Ashleigh find lots of parallels to their own emotional baggage as they attempt to work together professionally whilst navigating the increasingly awkward relationship between them. It’s really interesting to watch this side-plot romance develop across the series, as it tackles a relationship theme I have seen many times in real life but rarely in books – the strain of when one partner (or both) in a good relationship have strong feelings elsewhere. I’m following with interest to see whether the detectives end up moving backwards or forwards, together or separately, and it adds a lot of emotional tension to the suspense of the crime plots.

And there is plenty of suspense there too! I was absolutely gripped from beginning to end, glomphing the whole book down in one sitting, as if I was afraid they might solve the case behind my back if I put the book down! The story encompasses drugs, wayward teens and parental relationships – all strong themes in Jude’s personal life – and possible domestic coercion, which rings a lot of distressing bells for Ashleigh.

I followed the clues carefully and thought I had the whole case worked out and then was gleefully dumbfounded by the final reveal… and yet it all made sense. Don’t you love it when a mystery gets one over on you like that (while still playing fair to the reader)?! The relationship between the main characters also ended on a surprising and very promising note for future drama and I can’t wait to see where the author takes this next.

Definitely my favourite yet from this series, cementing Jo Allen firmly in my list of must-read crime authors. I can’t wait for the next ‘Death…’ (fictional, of course!).

‘The mist that plagued Mosedale was as thick as it had been on the day when Luke hadn’t come home, but the well-trodden path led Emmy and Tino faithfully onwards through the approaching dawn. Even if it hadn’t, even if she’d been blindfolded or sleepwalking, Emmy knew her steps would have taken her there. Every year on this day, for fifteen painful years, she’d taken this path in good weather and in bad, one day famously running just ahead of a blizzard. She took it on many more nights, in her dreams.
In her dreams, Luke always came back. In her dreams she rounded the corner below the outflow, just as she was about to do, and he was sitting on the rock where the beck tumbled down from the tarn, waiting for her with his sweet, childlike grin.’

– Jo Allen, Death in the Mist

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