Madam Tulip and the Rainbow’s End

*I received a free ARC of this book, with thanks to the author. The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*

Blurb: On the private island of a rich banker, a young and talented stonemason falls from a cliff. A tragic accident? Or murder?

The dead man’s sister is obsessed with justice and will stop at nothing.
A daughter is bequeathed an island mansion beyond her means.
An enigmatic letter hints at a hidden fortune.

After the collapse of her theatrical tour, actress Derry O’Donnell must work to pay her way in a West of Ireland village. As Madam Tulip, she tells fortunes for a local charity only to be drawn into a maze of mystery and intrigue.

Madam Tulip and the Rainbow’s End is the fifth in the Madam Tulip series of mystery-adventures in which out-of-luck actress Derry O’Donnell finds the promise at the End of the Rainbow may not be what it seems.

Derry (and Bruce) are back to take on a new mystery as an accidental side effect of their acting travails, in this fifth book in the Madam Tulip series.

Definitely read books 1-4 first with this series, as not only is the whole Madam Tulip arrangement explained, but all of the relationships between Derry and Bruce, Jacko, Vanessa and Bella are established and developed. Plus, they are well-written, fun mystery books, so why wouldn’t you?!

Here, yet again we have some comic relief provided by Jacko and Vanessa’s parental-professional bickering, and the usual superhero antics from the multi-talented Bruce (showcasing his diving portfolio this time), but as always the main accolades go to the joint stars of the show – Derry and Madam Tulip. I love how Derry’s relationship with her alter ego has developed over these books, so that even as she has stepped back from the performances (for understandable multiple-murdery reasons) she has still grown in confidence in the role and can access Tulip’s skills more readily when required.

The plot revolves around both a mystery and a puzzle this time, and I really enjoyed trying to piece together the cryptic clues before the characters managed it. (For those wondering, I didn’t do too badly, but didn’t get all of them either, which was very satisfying on both fronts!)

This whole series has become one of my favourites over the years, as I can always rely on them being not only a great mystery read, but entertainingly witty too, and I have grown extremely attached to the main characters and their antics. I can thoroughly recommend Madam Tulip to anyone who enjoys mystery novels that are light-hearted but action-packed, and with a tinge of the possibly paranormal as an intriguing added hook.

Despite my towering TBR pile, this is an author that I have set up notifications for to ensure that I don’t miss anything he releases. This was my favourite Madam Tulip book so far, and I already can’t wait for the next one!

”I used to tell fortunes for parties and celebrity functions, but I stopped,’ said Derry. She almost said more, but words failed her. How could she explain that Madam Tulip had led her into the company of people no sane person would want in their lives, and situations only Bruce could dismiss as character forming?
‘I like doing charities though,’ Derry finished. And so she did. Word had gotten around, and since March, she had done two hospital fundraisers, a cancer charity and a fund for guide dogs. Why it seemed important to do these things, she wasn’t sure—something about feeling lucky. Like Madam Tulip herself was saying Derry owed something. What that debt might be, Tulip hadn’t explained.
‘Well now,’ said Boyle. ‘A small idea occurred to me. Two, in fact. First things first—would Madam Tulip like to help us out?”

– David Ahern, Madam Tulip and the Rainbow’s End

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