Blog Tour: BElieve in YOUrself – Lexi Rees and Sasha Mullen

*I received a free copy of this book with thanks to the author and Rachel Gilbey at Rachel’s Random Resources blog tours. The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*

Blurb: Want your child to be more focused, feel calmer, and increase their self-belief?

This unique activity book is packed with fun, creative tasks, plus a wide variety of mindfulness strategies including

✓ visualisation exercises

✓ breathing techniques

✓ mindful arts and crafts 

✓ games to improve focus and concentration 

✓ mind and body detective skills

Written by primary school teacher and founder of Mindful Mentors, Sasha Mullen, and best-selling author and tutor, Lexi Rees, this fully illustrated activity book provides children with the essential tools to be their best selves, every single day.

This book really couldn’t have come along at a better time, for Minishine (8) and me (40)!

I have begun practising mindfulness myself, with all of the additional external stresses the world has provided over the last couple of years, and I have been very conscious that it is not only me that has been affected by these huge events – my children have struggled with the ‘new normal’ too. I have been using little tips and tools I have picked up through my own practice – breathing, connecting with the senses – to help my children find some inner calm, but with this book they finally have their own toolkit to help them deal with all of the anxiety and uncertainty.

BElieve in YOUrself (or BE YOU) is a book of mindfulness activities and information that is aimed specifically at children… although, of course, adults can use these tips too!

It is laid out in clear, bold print that is easy to read, and the text is broken up by lots of illustrations, tip boxes, activities and bullet points, which makes it accessible and less intimidating for even reluctant or struggling readers.

Children can write/draw directly in the book on post pages, to answer questions, create their own affirmative references or do a bit of mindful colouring, but there are also step-by-step instructions for physical activities (like breathing techniques or gentle exercises) and art/craft activities (like a lava lamp or a mind mirror). And throughout the whole book, underpinning all of the practical tools, is a wealth of information about the brain and how it works.

Minishine’s thoughts: This book makes me happy! I’ve done some of the colouring and the finger breathing, and the muscle relaxy-thing and the potion all about me, and Daddy says we can do the Lava Lamp next! I think that it makes me feel calmer when I’m feeling sad or angry and helps me to calm down a bit. I especially like the colouring – make sure you put a picture of the colouring in there! It was good thinking about nice things to say about myself too and then I could read them when I was feeling a bit sad. I think they should have this book at my school for when other people feel sad too because it’s really good!

I would definitely recommend this book for parents whose children are dealing with stress and anxiety, and it would make a great resource for schools and SEND provision in this area too. Plus, I plan to borrow Minishine’s copy for myself sometimes – adults can use these calmness, confidence and self-esteem boosters just as effectively as children can!

‘Everybody has moments when they don’t feel amazing inside. We might be sad or angry or frustrated, or there could even be lots of emotions all jumbled up inside us. It can be difficult when this happens, but the good news is there are lots of things we can do to help our minds process these emotions.’

– Lexi Rees & Sasha Mullen, BElieve in YOUrself

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  1. Thanks so much for taking part and I’m thrilled that it’s such a hit. Minishine’s colouring is amazing! Please do share a pic of the lava lamp when you do it. ❤️

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