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I am delighted to be on the blog tour for D.W. Richards’ latest sci-fi book, Alexandra Forever: 2291 today!


Here’s a bit about the book:


Alexandra Forever 41xLSj3hJzLBlurb:  This sci fi adventure opens on the crest of a gravity tsunami, when a red dwarf star system punches through the fabric of space-time and barrels toward the Milky Way Galaxy. The Early Warning Centre can only watch helplessly as colonized space braces for impact.

Questions arise. Is it merely a star system? Or, is something else altogether?

The dire situation takes an unforeseen twist in this science fantasy when an SOS transmission from a long-lost experimental starship, The Invictus, is traced to the sole planet orbiting the red dwarf.

Alexandra, Post Office Marshal and living goddess, is in an action-packed race against time when she is conscripted to retrieve either the Invictus itself or, failing that, it’s top-secret data, before the ship is lost to imminent galactic collision, or worse, falls into the wrong hands.


I’ve been lucky enough to be provided with some exclusive content for you today, as part of the blog tour!

Author, D.W. Richards, has kindly put together a list of 10 special insights into Alexandra Forever: 2291, for those of us (like me!) who love to get the inside info on their books and the characters within!


10 Insights into Alexandra Forever 2291:

  1. Alexandra started out as a literary foil to the main character of my novel, “Pairs”.

  2. It was difficult to keep Alexandra from walking away with the “Pairs” storyline, so I subsequently gave the character her own saga.

  3. A former editor of mine confessed that she has a crush on Alexandra.

  4. The “Alexandra Forever 2291” eight novella series was originally written as a series of scripts intended for animation.

  5. There are 35 scripts that make up the entire original limited series. They are bundled into groups to make up the novellas.

  6. I am currently in discussion with a producer to eventually turn the series into a radio play for podcast. In the meantime, an audiobook will be forthcoming.

  7. Writing the novella has me loving writing novella length manuscripts.

  8. All of Priestess Nanette’s pencil sketches are mine.

  9. I will be including Priestess Nanette’s sketches with every novella in the series. Between the sketch choices and her footnotes, my intent is for the reader to vicariously learn about the woman.

  10. While the series does indulge in pseudo-science, speculative science and outright pretend science I actually did a lot of research and have incorporated ideas that I gleaned from such sources as the PBS Space Time YouTube channel.


Alexandra Forever: 2291 will be available for purchase exclusively on Amazon as of today, 1st August 2020.

From 3rd – 7th August 2020 the book will be available on Amazon for FREE!

Then for the rest of August, it will be available at the discounted rate of USD .99 / GBP 0.99.

After that the price will return to normal (approximately USD 5.99 / GBP 4.68).


About D.W. Richards:DW Richards 4487489

D.W. Richards’ first novel, “Pairs,” spent two weeks on the Amazon U.K. Best Seller list for humour. His writing has garnered a few awards. He has been winner at both the “New York Book Festival” and “Pairs Book Festival” as well being a finalist for both the “Eric Hoffer Award” and the “Next Generation Indie Book Awards”.

In addition to creative writing, D.W. Richards has a Bachelor Degree in Psychology from Carleton University and is a CPA. He resides with his partner in Ottawa, Canada.


You can find more from D. W. Richards at his websites here and here, or follow him on Facebook here and hereTwitter and Goodreads.


Finally, I’ll leave you with the beautiful pencil sketches that you will also find within the novella and are the work of the narrator, Priestess Nanette (those who have read the insights list will be aware that they are actually the work of her creator!).


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Alexandra Forever Virtual Book Tour amazonbookbanner


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