Anger Management: The Complete Guide to Achieve Self-Control, Overcome Impulsiveness and Managing Your Emotions – Tommy Foster

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*I received a free ARC of this book, with thanks to the author. The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*


Blurb:  If you want to have a new look from others, you want them to see and perceive you differently from that burning man or woman who does not control his or her anger, Read On…

You cannot afford to keep making enemies around you. Our world has a lot to offer and you can only get them when you are in cordial relationship with others.

Anger Management 49954445._SX0_SY0_Do you want to put a stop to your rage?

Do you want to avoid attracting hatred from co-workers?

Do you want to earn your partner’s and children’s respect?

Do you want to be able to say sorry when your mind is hot?

Are you hoping to get the next deal without anger disrupting it?

Is your anger putting you in a tight situation?

Most times, we all have great intentions to carry out. We want to show love to others, help them when they need our help and understand them when they stray. However, we often find ourselves doing just the opposite of all we want to do. Certain challenges creep out of our reactions and we sometimes find ourselves in unpalatable situations that we never planned even in our wildest dreams. 

We’ve relationships we want to hold together and make to work, but at times it just wouldn’t because of an internal factor we are unable to prevent.

That habit called anger might have put you in different scenarios and you are thinking of how you should react whenever you find yourself in such situations again. 

The truth is, there is always a way out of most challenges we face. Besides, there is a way out of anger. You only need to acquire the right knowledge about it and you will be on the boulevard of its freedom.

This book on Anger Management will take you through how best you can relate to others including those in your office and at home.

It will educate you on the aspect of anger you are not familiar with and give you a new orientation on the wrong information you have gathered about anger. 

Right actions and reactions rely on accurate knowledge. 

What you will Discover from the Book include:

  • What anger is and how it works
  • The causes of anger and how to curtail them
  • The benefits of anger (Yes! Are you surprised)
  • The loss in anger
  • How you determine your anger
  • The Science behind your anger
  • Steps you can take to control your anger
  • How you can deal with angry people
  • What triggers your anger
  • The wrong information you have about anger

Finally, in this book, you will be learning specific steps you can take to manage yourself effectively. You will see how bad you are likely to turn out if you fail to manage yourself well.  Many people are yet to receive the right information on what anger really is. Most people live their lives on the wrong piece of information they got from those around them. This book will be a revelation and liberate you. 

Even if you have accepted defeats after many trials to manage anger

Even if you have heard from people that you inherited it and cannot leave it

Even if you feel that you have wronged the people around you

Even if others are already doubting your ability to change

Even if your friends and companions had given up on you

If you really feel the need to change your life by managing your anger effectively, this book is absolutely the right choice for you.



Phew!  That’s one of the longest blurbs I’ve ever seen!!!

As is fairly evident from the blurb and the excerpt I have included below, it would seem that English is not the author’s first language, despite the name.  That is not to say that the book is poorly written, as it isn’t, but that there are numerous idiosyncratic vocabulary and grammatical choices and turns of phrase which sound odd to the native ear.

If you ignore this issue – which can easily be fixed by a good editor – then this book is a comprehensive examination of every aspect of anger.  The author covers why we get angry and how we express that anger; the science and psychology behind anger; types of anger; the difference between anger and aggression; anger triggers, frequency, intensity and duration.

The scientific sections of the text are actually more fluently written than the more informal sections, as the author avoids colloquialisms there and therefore his phrasing sounds more formal but correct.

The section on managing your anger comes in Part 3 of the book, Chapter 7, which is approximately 60% through the text.  This may lead you to the conclusion that there is more detail on classifying your anger than there is on how to manage it, but this is not strictly true.

The author makes it clear that he believes the key to managing your anger is first to fully understand your anger – every aspect of it.  Only when you understand the hows, whys and whens of your own personal anger reactions can you begin to look at ways of managing your anger effectively, as everyone’s anger will be different depending on those details.  So the first six chapters are all about creating your own unique anger profile before then moving on to the authors ‘kits’ or tools for managing it. After all, anger is not inherently an unhealthy emotion – it is how it is channelled that can create problems.

I found this book a really useful resource for anyone looking to understand the root causes and modes of expression of their anger problems, as it was very clear that the author knows their subject comprehensively.  The only thing holding this book back is the want of a thorough professional edit to smooth out some of the language and make it more easily comprehensible.


You might have woken up this morning and found everything around you disgusting.  You probably wish you could go back to your bed and wake up some minutes later.  While will these thoughts fill your mind?  The answer lay perhaps in your experience the other day.  We live in a kind of world where we do not find everything working out the way we want.  You want your son to place the mug on the table and not on the tray, but his mind was not there.  How could he have done that?  You keep asking yourself.  The taxi driver perhaps was a little bit lost in thought and took you a bit ahead of your destination.  It is possible at this point to keep wondering what is wrong with everyone.  You want to spit out your mind and make everyone know how displeased you are.  It begins from a kind of thought swelling on your mind; you try to curtail it, but that can only hold it for a while.  The more you try to keep it in, the more disgusting it makes you feel, and you can no longer take it in.  I think I understand how that feeling is sometimes.

– Tommy Foster, Anger Management


You can follow Tommy Foster on Goodreads, and Anger Management is available on Amazon right now.



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