A Window Breaks – C.M. Ewan

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*I received a free ARC of this book, with thanks to the author, Pan Macmillan and NetGalleyThe decision to review and my opinions are my own.*


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If your family was targeted in the middle of the night, what would you do?

You are asleep. A noise wakes you.
You stir, unsure why, and turn to your partner.
Then you hear it.
Glass. Crunching underfoot.
Your worst fears are about to be realized.
Someone is inside your home.
Your choices are limited.
You can run. Or stay and fight.
What would you do?

A Window Breaks is the nerve-shredding thriller from C. M. Ewan, the author of Safe House.



Life was not going well for Tom.  After a tragic loss and a violent mugging, his little family head off for a break to try to turn things around and reconnect with each other.  And then he hears a window break in the middle of the night, and things get far, far worse.

This story is action-packed from beginning to end.  We start immediately with a car crash and a mugging, and then things really get going.  Tom appears to be just an average, everyman; a family guy struggling to deal with his family.  However, he has no choice but to turn Jack Bauer on us, proving the unexpected lengths we are capable of going to when something threatens those we love.

I could see this making a great film, as it has all the right ingredients: action, suspense, secrets and a touch of romance.  There is also more than one mystery: what really happened to Michael?  Is Rachel seeing someone else?  Who is Brodie – friend or foe?  You need to set aside a good chunk of time for this one, because there is no good place to stop, no lull, so you will end up sitting up all night just to find out whether the family make it through.

My only criticisms here were that the cat-and-mouse game goes on for far too long.  I started out racked with nerves, but the tension slowly abated as the chase dragged on and became a bit repetitive.  Also, after such a great build-up, with the flashbacks slowly tying all the hints together, I was a little disappointed that the final reveal was pretty unbelievable.  It felt a bit flat after all of the excellent domestic drama that had gone before.

These points were only minor though and didn’t spoil my enjoyment of the story as a whole, so I would recommend this for fans of suspense thrillers with a family focus.



Rachel shook my shoulder.
‘Tom, wake up.’ She whispered, close to my ear: ‘I think I heard something.’
I groaned and mashed my face into my pillow. ‘Tom, it sounded like a window breaking. I think there’s someone downstairs.’

– C. M. Ewan, A Window Breaks


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Find more from C. M. Ewan at his website here, or follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.

A Window Breaks is available on Amazon right now!




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