Promo post: The Empties – Kristen Gorlitz


The Empties DropcardFinal

If you fancy some gruesome cannibalistic horror then I have a tasty treat for you today!

Author Kristen Gorlitz has contacted me to let me know that the Kickstarter for her horror graphic novel, The Empties, is already underway, but if any of my readers would like a grisly taster then she has kindly offered the first issue for FREE!


The Empties Kickstarter 3 image4



For your free appetiser, just follow this link and pop in your email address to subscribe to the newsletter / mailing list.  Kristen has even very kindly provided a Dropbox link, so if you really don’t want to sign up, you can still sample her bloody wares here.

Thanks, Kristen, I’m off to check out that Kickstarter now… there’s already NINE special backer perks unlocked (“Scare Me” by Shawn Charles Baker, “Katrina Hates the Dead #1” by Russell Nohelty, and “The Dusk Country Chronicles #1” by Joel Rodriguez, “LnR” by Ross Monafe Caras, “The Oedipus Paradox” by Carmelo Chimera, “The Resurrected #1” by Christian Carnouche, “Sivoa (A Graphic Novel)” by H. Gorlitz Scott, “Ritual” by Steven Stred, and “The Scientists #1” by Geoff Weber).

Tasty! 😉




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