Moroda – L.L. McNeil

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*I received a free copy of this book, with thanks to the author. The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*


Blurb:  ‘If one dragon burned the city of Niversai to the ground in a single night, how would we fare if a hundred besieged our world?’

Moroda 51JbqoFpEJLMoroda’s life is thrown into turmoil after she is publicly arrested—her city is destroyed and she narrowly escapes the chaos on a sky pirate’s airship. 

But she finds no salvation outside the blackened city walls; a vigilante from an exiled race has left a trail of destruction everywhere his growing army travel. With the ability to bend people to his will, he strengthens his hold over Linaria’s people by stealing the power of dragons. 

It’s only a matter of time before Moroda, too, is forced to submit.

With war nipping at her heels and danger lurking in her companions and adversaries, Moroda must quickly learn about herself, her world, and the dragons so intent on reducing it all to ash.

Moroda is the first novel in an epic six-book saga, a fast-paced, action-packed tale following a group of characters as war rages across their world. 

Linaria is a world where dragons are revered as gods, where airships rule the skies, and where war is stirring. 


Moroda is a swords and sorcery epic fantasy, featuring a pacifist main character.  But just because she prefers to do no harm, that doesn’t mean Moroda is a pushover… quite the opposite.

The story begins with Moroda in jail for being the only person who dared to speak up against an illustrious visitor to the city.  This act of defiance is just the start of an entirely new path for the young Goldsmith who, used to a life of comfort and complacency, has to find her inner strength to deal with sky pirates, shapeshifters and dragons.

This first book in the World of Linaria series sets the scene. building up the people and places of the world and explaining the rules of the magic, but the author achieves all of this whilst simultaneously providing plenty of action and suspense, and planting the seeds for an intriguing wider series-plot too.

There are quite a few central characters here, as Moroda gathers a team of allies (or enemies of her enemies) together.  Each character is distinct and well-developed, and I would definitely read the rest of the series just to find out what happens to them all.  There are a few unique non-human races: Ittallans (can shapeshift into animal forms); Arillians (winged and with control of the elements) and Varkain (snakelike, with poison, speed and camouflage abilities).  We meet representatives from all of them in this book, and find out some of the prejudices and misconceptions about them, but it is clear that the world (and its people) are a lot more complex than Moroda previously imagined, and it appears she may have plenty more surprises ahead of her.

I really enjoyed this book and can recommend it to fellow epic fantasy fans looking for a new dragons-and-magic series to get stuck into!


   Confused, Moroda glanced back to Amarah and back to the corner, squinting in the darkness as she tried to make out what Amarah could see.
Her heart began to race again when she spotted the silhouette of another person sat in the shadows.  Had someone else been there all the time and she hadn’t noticed?  How could that have happened?
She had been locked up almost an hour.

– L.L. McNeil, Moroda


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