Dover Two – Joyce Porter

Dover Two 9781788421942-370x568 2


*I received a free copy of this book, with thanks to the author and Farrago and NetGalleyThe decision to review and my opinions are my own.*


Dover Two 9781788421942-370x568
Detective Chief Inspector Wilfred Dover is the most idle and avaricious hero in all of crime fiction. Why should he even be bothered to solve the case?

One February evening in northern England, a young woman is shot in the head and left in a coma. Eight months later she dies, thus becoming a welcome excuse to dispatch the odious Inspector Dover as far as possible from London.

It soon appears that Isobel Slatcher could have been smothered in her hospital bed with a pillow. Now Dover may have two murderers to catch: one who pulled the trigger, the other the last visitor she had in her short lifetime.

If, that is, the town’s warring Catholics and Protestants will only stop distracting him.



Dover returns, and for anyone who has read Dover One, he is just as bloody-minded and bloody amusing as before!

If you haven’t read the previous book, there is nothing to worry about as each plot stands completely alone, and there cannot be much character development when your main character is already as perfect(ly awful) as DCI Dover.  Dover is a textbook reluctant hero who steadfastly refuses to even contemplate ‘coming good’, but somehow seems to muddle through his cases anyway.

The cases follow traditional mystery patterns, with a small pool of suspects and plenty of obscure clues and twists to the reader expectations.  This particular case has the fascinating hook of the victim possibly being murdered twice, which really puts Porter’s odd investigative pair through their paces.   Keen young MacGregor with his fancy ‘actual police knowledge’ and ‘logical thought processes’ is the perfect foil for his lazy, grumpy, greedy, arrogant, and sadly rather stupid superior.

I am thoroughly enjoying this murder mystery series and look forward to continuing in Dover’s morose foot-reprints for as far as he can be bothered to plod!



   Chief Inspector Dover wasn’t very optimistic about his chances of solving the case after all this time.  Most of his cases he never solved anyhow, but he belligerently attributed this to the fact that the sticky ones were always, unfairly, shoved onto him.  There may have been a faint whiff of truth in this because the Assistant Commissioner (Crime) couldn’t stand the sight of him (this feeling was mutual) and ruthlessly pushed him out on cases which were located in the remote provinces, whenever he got the chance.

– Joyce Porter, Dover Two


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You can find more from Joyce Porter on Goodreads and Amazon.

Dover Two is available on Amazon right now, and you can find my review of Dover One here!



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