Morning Walk… – Beth Gordon



*I received a free ebook of this collection, with thanks to the author, Isabelle Kenyon and Animal Heart Press.  The decision to review and my opinions are my own.


Morning Walk
Blurb:  In her stunning debut collection, “Morning Walk…” Beth Gordon addresses loss and grief in a unique way, blending her impeccable craft with a new vision, a new voice, and indeed a new language; at times formal yet following a new modern standard of magical realism and out of body pain and transcendence. Gordon’s poetry is brilliant yet accessible to the masses – and addresses themes and feelings to which all mothers, parents and ultimately humans will relate to and find solace with her tender and sometimes rightfully angry words. She blends the ordinary with the extraordinary using lush, magical words that are sweet in the mouth and roll off the tongue.



Morning Walk… is a collection of magical-realism prose-poetry, covering themes of loneliness, grief, loss and pain.

Beth Gordon twists and bends the words together to create a stream-of-consciousness of raw emotion and unique imagery, that reads like it is written in an entirely new language in places.

Each poem features this same act  processing of pain through wordplay and linguistic exploration.  The tears and screams are vivid on the page, but also the day-to-day act of learning to live with pain, and eventually find beauty even despite it.

And despite the unhappy subject matter, the poems don’t wallow in grief and despair.  Instead the emotions are exposed, like nerve endings, then allowed to air under gentle care, with the hope of future healing implicit.  The effect on the reader is a cathartic release of negative feelings and a clean, refreshed emergence on the other side.

I would definitely recommend this collection for anyone who loves poetry that is deeply emotive and extraordinarily linguistically creative.


You loved me as sword grass, ungreen and venomous,
my new edges drawing scar, you loved me as heron, long-legged
and coastal, as catastrophic forest
fire, blackened limbs and skin as translucent
as winter leaves, full dead and metamorphic, my awful knees locking between
your ribs without a single rattle or cicada song.

– Beth Gordon, ‘Igneous’ in Morning Walk with Dead Possum, Breakfast and Parallel Universe


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