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*I received a free copy of this book with thanks to the author, Faye Rogers at Authoright and Clink Street Publishing.  The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*


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Blurb:  The tiddliest of ponies with wondersome wings was buzzing around examining things…

What would you do if a teensy flying pony busily bustled into your house?  

This hilarious, heart-warming story for younger children shows how being incredibly nosey can be a good thing!



This cute little story, told all in rhyme, follows the unnamed main character’s recount of a certain magical intruder and her family’s unsuccessful efforts to contain him.

A little like The Tiger Who Came To Teathe cute, tiny, winged pony zooms into the family home unexpectedly and proceeds to wreak havoc by sticking his furry muzzle into every nook and cranny.  Luckily, after trying a homemade stable and a glass bowl, the family come up with the perfect place for an incurably curious creature.

Both of my two enjoyed this one.  Minishine, 6, because she loves anything unicorn or pegasus related; Babybows, 3, because the pony creates chaos and does lots of poos and wees; and both of them, due to their love of rhyming and the bright, busy illustrations.


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Babybows:  Tell them that the pony did a big pile of poo! Poo, poo, poo, poopoopoopoopoo!

Minishine:  *rolls eyes and sighs*  TELL them that the pony is really cute and cheeky.

Babybows:  *suddenly disapproving*  Yeah he’s REALLY cheeky… he makes a big mess everywhere, and that’s not very good, is it Mummy?

Minishine:  I like the bit where the girl makes a special stable for the pony, because I like making things too.  But I didn’t like when it was really sad and trapped.  But I did like the happy ending, where they gave it a police job!

Babybows:  *still disapproving* No! The police should have locked it up, for making all that mess.  I liked it best when they trapped it on the shelf and it was sad, because it was a very naughty pony and got poo and wee and paint everywhere.  And it didn’t even help tidy up afterwards!!!

And there you have the subjective nature of reviewing in a nutshell!  It was either really good, or really bad, when they caught the pony; and really bad, or really good, when it was zooming around being nosey!

Either way, we all agreed that it was a good, fun read.  And it inspired the small ones to head to our cat flap with hope and a plan!*

*Disclaimer: No Happyland ponies were harmed during the making of this review.


I was totally in awe as I’m sure you would be
and leapt on the sofa so that I could see.
The tiddliest of ponies with wondersome wings
was buzzing around examining things.

– Libby Lake, The Incredibly Nosey Cat Flap Pony


Cat Flap Pony Nathelie Tudberry


You can follow Libby Lake on Goodreads, and The Incredibly Nosey Cat Flap Pony is available on Amazon right now!

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