Blog Blitz: Brad Was Sad – M. C. Goldrick

Brad Was Sad


*I received a free copy of this book with thanks to the author and Rachel Gilbey at Rachel’s Random Resources blog tours. The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*


Brad - front_hardcoverBlurb:  Did Brad’s dad make him sad? Brad thought he had…until his dog, Plaid, proved he could choose his outlook & feel glad.

Kids learn best through stories. Empower your child to own their feelings with this beautifully illustrated picture book by award-winning author, M.C. Goldrick.

Brad’s dog Plaid shows him how to feel and deal with emotions. Though Brad is having a bad day, Plaid shows him that it’s in his power to choose his perspective and his feelings. 


Brad Was Sad is a rhyming picture book that deals with a small child’s big emotions.

Brad has had a bad day.  His dad shouted at him, his mum is grumpy and his sister made fun of his singing.  Then to top it all off, his dog chewed up his favourite toy.  Luckily, that same dog is there to help Brad turn his day around, and realise that it’s okay to feel sad and angry, but that only we can control how we feel and that other people cannot hurt us if we don’t let them.

To be honest, these are tricky concepts for adults to put into practice!

Minishine and Babybows both engaged really well with Brad, Plaid and the ideas in the book.  We have had quite a lot of sad, mad and bad emotions sloshing around recently with a 6 and 3 year old (not to mention the two grumpy adults!) so this was a timely reminder of each other’s feelings!  And to show some appreciation to our very own ‘Plaid’, Murphy – who also has a penchant for chewing up cuddly toys.


2019-11-10 16.01.13.jpg


Babybows:  Well this is an easy one!  I liked it when Brad was happy and not when he was sad.  And we shouldn’t shout at dogs, should we Mummy?  Even when they chew up ALL of our toys.  [The voice of experience there, I’m afraid!]

Minishine:  And my toys! [Also true]  But that’s okay because he’s a dog so he doesn’t know its naughty.  But it wasn’t nice for the sister to be horrible about Brad’s singing because that could really, really hurt his feelings, so really she was the bad one.

Bookshine:  It wasn’t really about who was ‘bad’ though, was it?  What was it about?

Ms:  Erm… about when you are having a bad day and that it’s okay to feel bad, but you don’t have to and you can feel better when you want to.  And you don’t have to listen when other people are being cross.

Bb:  And when you feel sad you just hug your dog and they you feel glad!

Let’s face it… he’s not wrong!

A few of the words are a bit tricky for younger readers, but for the most part Minishine was able to read along with us, and Babybows really enjoyed being able to sound out and shout out the easy words in BIG RED letters!  They also had to ask what some of the individual words meant, but easily grasped the overall concept regardless of the finer details.

Brad Was Sad is an ideal resource for helping children to talk about their more difficult feelings, and is, of course, ideal for any family who also happens to have a sympathetic dog!


I alone, hold the key
to the view that I see.

Knowing this, I am


– M. C. Goldrick, Brad Was Sad


Brad Was Sad Author Photo


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