Blue Angel – Phil Williams

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*I received a free copy of this book with thanks to the author.  The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*


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Blurb:  Waking on an unfamiliar floor, Pax is faced with two hard truths. A murderous government agency wants her dead – and monsters really do exist. What’s more, her body’s going haywire, which she desperately hopes isn’t a side-effect of her encounters in the city’s tunnels.

To survive, and protect Ordshaw, she’s got to expose who, or what, is behind the chaos – and she can’t do it alone.

But with only the trigger-happy Fae to turn to, Pax’s allies might kill her before her enemies do…

Blue Angel is the 2nd thrilling chapter in the Ordshaw series – get your copy now.




Blue Angel is the fast-paced urban fantasy sequel to Under Ordshaw, and I definitely recommend reading them in order, or you may be wondering who these badly injured people are, why they are so shell-shocked, and why none of them seem to like each other that much!

Welcome to Ordshaw, where the streets may be mean, but what is beneath them is far, far worse.

We join Pax, Letty and the Barton family as they are still catching their breath from their narrow escape from the Sunken City and the clutches of the unexpectedly electric and octopedal ‘minotaur’, which may also be the same thing as the MEE’s ‘praelucente’ and also may or may not be linked to Asphodel’s Blue Angel… it does get a bit confusing!

The main plot focus here is Pax and her unmerry band of prickly, unhappy allies attempting to find out exactly that: who or what is the Blue Angel, and what is it doing to the people of Ordshaw.  As unofficial protectors of the city, Pax and Barton feel the need to identify and eliminate threats to public order, whilst staying under the radar of the MEE agents who are officially working towards the same goal.

In fact, only one or two MEE agents seem to be asking the right questions.  We finally meet Sam Ward – unstable Casaria’s prior stalkee/crush – and find that she is actually intelligent, efficient, and totally suspicious about what is going on under the Ministry’s noses and why no one else is questioning it.  Unlucky for her that management are determined to sideline her into obscurity and even unluckier that she might need Casaria’s support before the day is done.  Especially as he would rather just kill her.  In fact, it is looking increasingly like he possibly wants to kill everyone… you know, for their own safety.  Let’s just say he is having a rough day.

Sam and Pax’s investigations run parallel to each other, occasionally intersecting, and I can honestly say that I had no idea what the end result would be until the final reveal.  In fact, I’m not 100% sure I know now!  Not everything is always as it first appears, especially with the Layer Fae around…

Phil William’s style is all snappy dialogue, shoot-’em-out action and horrific slime monsters with teeth and eyeballs where they shouldn’t be; like Buffy , but darker and adultier.  While the first book in the series really sets the scene and players, Blue Angel lines them up facing each other and starts pushing their buttons and winding their clockwork in preparation for the finale of the series, The Violent Fae, which threatens too be outright warfare… unless Pax can really live up to her name.

I can’t wait to find out soon, and tell you all about it!



Holly handed over a piece of paper and Pax scanned the elegant handwriting.
   Husband mortally wounded.
   Government can’t be trusted – ergo police/hospitals/communications unsafe.
   Monsters under the city.
   Fairies = real – also want to kill us.
   Contact the Evening Standard.
“The Evening Standard?”
“Yes,” Holly said.  “They ran an excellent exposé on a pothole scandal in Ten Gardens.  Those roads are now being fixed and the culprits are facing jail time.  This isn’t much different, is it?”
“There was a fifty-foot electric octopus thing,” Pax said.  “It’s a little different.”
“The principle’s the same,” Holly insisted.

– Phil Williams, Blue Angel


Under Ordshaw phil-williams
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Blue Angel is available on Amazon right now, and you can find my review of Under Ordshaw here!



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