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*I received a free ARC of this book with thanks to the author, Unbound, and Anne Cater of Random Things Blog Tours. The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*


Blurb: ‘I thought I could, with verse iambic, pry
Some sense from nonsense, and our modern scene
Depict and mock, while using “thee” and “thy”
In pages fit to rest by thy latrine.’

Shakespeare’s sonnets are among the great achievements in world literature. Alas, the immortal Bard never used his command of iambic pentameter to explore such themes as porn, Snapchat and Austin Powers.

#Sonnets is a collection of hilarious and inappropriate poems complete with illustrations of Elizabethan RoboCop and Snoop Dogg in tights. Musing on everything from Donald Trump to Tinder, comedy writer Lucien Young offers a Shakespearean take on the absurdity of modern life.

In #Sonnets, Lucien Young has take the Shakesperean sonnet of love and iambic pentameter, and applied it to the modern world with hilarious effect.

Here you will find odes to Beyoncé, Kim K, Eminem and pornography among many other icons and aspects of popular culture and recent technology.

Each sonnet follows the same format, so it is advisable to take the author’s advice in the foreword and dip in and out of the book, rather than attempt to swallow it whole. Otherwise you may find your poetic palate becomes a little jaded with repetition.

And that would really be a shame, because taken individually each of these poems is a little masterpiece of satire, parody and pastiche. Young expertly skewers his subjects, but with affectionate, and weaves a multitude of references (nickname, greatest works, controversies) into his joyously witty pan-Elizabethan screeds.

If you enjoy verses celebrating the modern world of celebrity, internet and bags for life that are irreverent but very relevant, then this little volume is a treasure trove of tongue-in-cheek treats!

Like to a Tamagotchi is our love,
If thou recall’st that trinket Japanese,
Which into plastic egg a sprite did shove
For purchasers to tend to as they please.

– Lucien Young, ‘Tamagotchi’ in #Sonnets

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#Sonnets is available on Amazon right now!

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