Where I Ache – Megan O’Keefe

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*I received a free copy of this book, with thanks to the author.  The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*


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Blurb:  This collection is broken up into six chapters ranging from themes such as depression, jealousy, grief, and strength. These are delicate subjects to talk about and most people avoid them because of the uncomfortable vulnerability. I’ve always written and shared my poetry with the hope that readers would relate and feel less alone. I hope you feel a sense of community to all of those connected throughout this collection.Please seek professional help if these sensitive topics are affecting your daily health and happiness.





Where I Ache is a sizeable volume of poetry, split into six parts labelled with parts of the body that allude to their thematic emotional link.  For example, the ‘Greedy Green Eyes’ section covers jealousy and longing in many of its poems.

In an easy-to-read, accessible writing style, Megan O’Keeffe presents poetry that anyone who has ever loved, longed for or lost can identify with.  The majority of the poems are short – between one and three verses for the most part – but the emotions covered are huge and all-encompassing.

Sections one to five explore the struggles and pain of relationships (with others and with oneself).  There are poems about mental and physical health, addiction, anxiety, depression, heartbreak, joy, jealousy, insecurity and self-doubt.  The final section moves to a lighter tone – showing strength and self-belief once the storm-clouds of emotion have cleared – leaving the reader feeling refreshed and positive as they lay the book down.

Poetry fans will enjoy this emotive collection, and newcomers to the genre will find it a reasonable place to start, as the written language is straightforward, whilst the complex emotions speak directly to the reader’s heart.


Born to Thrive

I’ve spent my whole life in the sea.
But tell me to try out flying
as you push me off a cliff
and watch as
I swim across the sky.

– Megan O’Keeffe, ‘Born to Thrive’ in Where I Ache


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Find more from Megan O’Keeffe at her website here, or follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Goodreads.

Where I Ache is available on Amazon right now!



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