Wanted in Paradise – Kate Ashenden

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*I received a free copy of this book, with thanks to the author. The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*

Blurb: He’s the hot Italian superstar, adored by millions.

She’s the one that got away…

When Romeo Moretti, the most charismatic man Jasmine Hartwell has ever met, offers her a dream job, she hopes it will be a release from her nightmares.

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She can’t run from the survivor’s guilt she carries after a deadly typhoon, but perhaps Romeo’s offer will be the perfect distraction?

However, these two have a history, a mutual desire and deep love that they never dared to explore.

The sexual tension between them only increases as the days pass. Problems escalate when a billionaire sheikh, who is also Romeo’s enemy, begins vying for Jasmine’s attention.

Now the men are not only warring over their different agendas but also their yearning for Jasmine.

With tough decisions to be made and dangerous obstacles to overcome, how can Jasmine and Romeo find a way to be together?

Saying no to their love would be a tragedy, but saying yes could cost them their lives…

Wanted in Paradise is a sweet and steamy romance that packs a lot of intrigue into a quick summer read.

The Maldives setting is gorgeous and the environmental subplot fits perfectly with this sumptuous but threatened location.

The main storyline is, of course, the will-they-won’t-they (they definitely will!) love story between Jasmine and Romeo, but Kate Ashenden throws numerous obstacles in the way of their sexy-ever-after.

There is PTSD caused by a natural disaster, a family rivalry turned mysterious, a sultry star of a girlfriend and a suspicious sheik who would like to be a boyfriend, oh and some unprofessional professional jealousy from a prickly PA. Phew! That’s not even counting the huge benefit concert only days away…!

These threads are all introduced gradually and build tension as the story progresses but then suddenly all rush to a finish very quickly (or remain somewhat unresolved). I feel a slower-paced resolution might have been more satisfying, as I did feel invested in the various outcomes.

So, a sizzling summer read, packed with plot, which may leave you wanting more!

He was a man who could draw even the coldest person in with his charisma. When he walked into a room, he owned it, and his presence and confidence was so sexy, so masculine… He’d left such a strong impression on Jasmine that even now – five years after she last saw him in person – there was a Romeo-shaped mark stamped on her, which reminded Jasmine that love hurt. But at this moment in time, the thought of him was healing and not hurting Jasmine.

– Kate Ashenden, Wanted in Paradise

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