Speak – Mary O’Paddock

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*I received a free copy of this book, with thanks to the author and BookSirens.  The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*


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Blurb:  Wait . . . Did that dog just say something? Until she finds a stray dog in a parking lot, Ellen’s biggest problem is ducking her best friend’s attempts to set her up. Soon she’s immersed in questions like—what to feed him, why he’s chewing up all her shoes, and how she’s going to come up with enough money for a pet deposit. But Emmett turns out to be exactly what she needs and more. A lot more. Unfortunately, a lot of other people think they need him too. People with power. People with guns. And some of them will stop at nothing. For Ellen, the worst part is not knowing whom to trust. But that’s okay because Emmett has the answers. If everyone will just listen . . .



Wow!  This book was not really what I expected, but I loved it!

Ellen is trapped.  She lives her whole life in exhausting passive resistance against her family, friends and work.  She is unhappy with her job and her living situation, and terribly lonely.  But that all changes when she meets Emmett, because above all this is a story about love at first sight… between a girl and her dog!

Emmett is small and scrappy and a bit too intelligent.  Ellen and Emmett form an instant bond and would do anything to protect each other; which is handy, as it goes, because from the moment they meet it seems everyone else is out to get them.  Ellen struggles with who to trust, as the whole world is chasing her, hunting her, spying on her – all because they want her dog.  Why?  Well, he is totally adorable!  Oh, and he can talk.

There was so much to enjoy here.  There is intrigue and action; a little romance and a lot of friendship; and some comedy relief from speed-demon Trish and her affable other half.  There are also some serious issues raised: about living with a lack of direction or purpose; about coping with addiction; dealing with the aftermath of a serious assault; and about communicating with those you love, to prevent avoidable misunderstandings.

Most of all though this is an enjoyable romp of fantasy action, with likeable characters.  And a talking dog… what more do you want?!


   As I got out and approached, he raised his head.  Bright, black eyes glinted at me through a curtain of gray mats, ears flashing forward and back.  Somewhere under all that filthy hair was a dog.  Hope, suspicion, and hunger passed across its face like a slide show.
It froze.  Staring at me, ready to flee, but not willing to retreat.
I knew the feeling.  That’s how I live my life.

– Mary O’Paddock, Speak


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2 thoughts on “Speak – Mary O’Paddock

    1. It was actually done really well, I thought. The dog spoke telepathically and expressed emotions or simple ideas, rather than chattering. 🙂

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