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I am honoured to be taking part in the Nerd Girl Books blog tour (with thanks to Meg Eden for inviting me!) and would like to introduce you to one of the featured authors, Beth Woodward.


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About the Author:

Beth Woodward was the books editor of the pop-culture website for almost a decade, during which she reviewed hundreds of titles. She remains a voracious reader and a regular on the sci-fi/fantasy convention circuit.

Beth has always had a love for the dark, the mysterious, and all things macabre. She blames her mother for this one: while other kids were watching cartoons, Beth and her mother were watching “Unsolved Mysteries” together every week. She was doomed from the beginning. At 12, she discovered the wonders of science fiction and fantasy when she read A Wrinkle in Time, which remains the most influential book of her life. Growing up, she was Meg Murray with a dash of Oscar the Grouch. She’s been writing fiction since she was six years old; as a cantankerous kid whose family moved often, the fictional characters she created became her friends. As an adult, she’s slightly more well adjusted, but she still withdraws into her head more often than is probably healthy.

When she’s not writing, Beth enjoys traveling, going to sci-fi/fantasy conventions, reading voraciously, and volunteering at her local animal shelter. She is a rabid “Doctor Who” fan and spends a lot of time with her amazing husband and their three cats. She currently lives in the Washington, DC, area.


About the Books:

Beth has two Urban Fantasy books out currently, The Demon Within and Embracing the Demon, which are books 1 and 2 respectively in her Dale Highland series.


The Demon Within Blurb:   Heaven is hunting Dale Highland.

Nerd Girl Books demonwithinFor ten years, she’s been on the run, plagued by violent blackouts and increasingly baffled by a growing array of superpowers—mind control, super strength, enhanced healing abilities.

What Dale doesn’t know is that Heaven’s greatest bounty hunter, John Goodwin, has been on her trail the whole time. When John finally corners her in New York City, he reveals the source of her powers: her mother was a demon.

They forge an unlikely connection and go on the run. In pursuit are his fellow bounty hunters, a deadly guild of angels known as the Thrones. Their goal: eradicate all demons—which includes Dale. As they flee across New England, Dale delves into the mystery of her own heritage and discovers that she’s a key figure in an ancient war between angels and demons.

Only this time, the angels are the bad guys.

Headlong and action-packed, The Demon Within is the first of the four-volume Dale Highland series.


Nerd Girl Books embracing-the-demon-coverEmbracing the Demon Blurb:  Dale Highland never wanted to be a demon, never wanted to go back to the supernatural world, but now she has no choice.

A militant anti-supernatural group called the Zeta Coalition is trying to kill Dale, and a mysterious illness ravages angels and demons throughout the world. As the death toll rises, and the Zetas get closer and closer to Dale, she starts to realize the two things are connected.

To save them all, Dale will have to team up with John Goodwin, the man she once loved. The man who destroyed her.

But by the time Dale and John figure out the Zetas’ real intentions, it may be too late…



Praise for the Dale Highland series:


“What a rush! This sexy, intense page-turner swept me away!”

—Carolyn Crane, USA Today bestselling author


Embracing the Demon felt both darker and somehow more transcendent than Dale’s introductory story.  The plot’s focus on one group against a perceived “other” resonates in the current political climate, yet is universal enough to feel timeless.  The final paragraphs left my heart in my stomach, but I also need to know how Dale will face the latest revelation. Can she continue to embrace her humanity while facing the challenge of protecting the demons who look to her as Amara’s successor?”

—Jodi Scaife, Fanbase Press


Embracing The Demon is fun, sexy urban fantasy that will appeal to readers looking for a strong female lead. Dale Highland is kickass and snarky, the plot is dark and twisty, and the action sequences are top-notch.”

—Rysa Walker, author of the Delphi Trilogy


Embracing The Demon is a thrilling, sexy, dangerous ride of a book. Count me as Team Dale, one hundred percent.”

—Nik Korpon, author of The Rebellion’s Last Traitor


“Engaging, old-school urban fantasy. Will appeal to readers hungering for spirited supernatural action with a dash of forbidden romance.”

—Jenn Bennett, author of the Arcadia Bell series


“A fast-paced, engaging book. A nice blend of horror and paranormal. Dale Highland is totally my spirit animal.”

—Joe Alfano, Wicked Little Pixie


“A strong novel and my first five-star [review] of the year.”

—Michael D. Griffiths,


“I greatly enjoyed The Demon Within, and I look forward to continuing the books in the series. Dale feels dynamic, whole, and despite her demonic side, completely and utterly human. I long to see her grow into her powers and become at home in her own skin since, like many geeks, I know the struggles of finding my place and my people. In many ways, Dale’s journey is a metaphor for anyone who has longed to find somewhere he or she can be themselves and be fully understood.”

—Jodi Scaife, Fanbase Press


Find more from Beth Woodward at her website here, or you can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.

The Demon Within and Embracing the Demon are available on Amazon right now!


Nerd Girl Books Giveaway:


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Free books!  Nerd Girl Books are running a giveaway in which you can win some of the books featured on this blog tour.  Just click on the link below and follow the instructions to be in with a chance at winning (ends 31/07/19)!

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Finally, please don’t forget to check out the other stops on this blog tour (details on the poster below) for more great NGB content and reviews.  I will be back on 14th July with my review of Meg Eden’s Post High School Reality Quest!


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