Dancing Fairies – Jenny Way



*I received a free copy of this book with thanks to the author, Faye Rogers at Authoright and Clink Street Publishing.  The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*


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Blurb:  Follow the adventures of the Dancing Fairies as they dance and play every night and day See them fly over hills, in gardens, on window sills and in the treetops! Join them and their animal friends having fun in the rain and sun. Watch them as they paint flowers – it doesn’t take them hours! You will be amazed and enthralled by their beauty and that’s not all! These little fairies are amazing and a delight!



Dancing Fairies is packed with bright colours and cute, simple rhymes.

There is no ‘story’, but each page contains a 4-line rhyming poem about the fairies, with a corresponding illustration.  The vocabulary used was suitable for Minishine (6) to manage by herself, and for Babybows (3) to understand and follow.  Each mini-poem has the same rhyming pattern and the same rhythm, which really appealed to both children as it gave the words a sing-song feel when reading aloud.




Both children proved equally enamoured with the numerous small details to spot in the pictures…

Minishine:  Ooooh it’s so pretty and cute!  I LOOOOOVE the hearts and flowers and sparkles and fairies and…

Babybows:  YUCK!  I don’t like fairies!  I like the bugs and the frog and bugs.  I like bugs.  They’re so small!

Minishine:  I like to dance like a fairy!  *twirls gracefully*

Babybows:  Ribbit ribbit *hops manically round the room*

Bookshine:  Er… maybe more reading and less gymnastics?  Still, you like the book then?

Both:  YES!  Can you read it again?


So a hit for the children.  It’s not really aimed at parents so it will find a home on Minishine’s personal reading shelf rather than on our bedtime story stack, but I would definitely recommend it for children who like fairies and sparkles, rhyming words, and bugs of course!




Dancing Fairies 50103830_752498945120209_78769326546485248_n


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Dancing Fairies is available on Amazon right now!



Dancing Fairies 51O19JwNWpL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_ 2




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