The Spirit in the Crypt – Alexander Lound

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*I received a free ARC of this book with thanks to the author.  The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*


Spirit in the Crypt 51bdlVLzNvLBlurb:  When fifteen-year-old Jonathan Roberts goes out with his friends on a summer night, he doesn’t expect to be forced to enter a crypt by Francis Everton. To be forced to look at skeletons decaying in their graves.

To hear the voice, screaming at him. Screaming into his mind. Commanding him to leave.

What the voice in the crypt belongs to, he can only wonder. A demon? A ghost? It gives him nightmares for weeks afterwards. Of skeletons strangling him. And then, bizarrely, of a girl from his school, making the long walk across the graveyard and entering the crypt. Never to come out before his waking.

When he returns to school in September, he never expects to learn that something awful has happened to the girl, turning his fear to panic.

Panic which will force him to unravel the mystery of the crypt, and in doing so, many mysteries about himself.


The Spirit in the Crypt is a chilling ghost story aimed at older teens and young adults.

The main character, Jonny, is very relatable – hanging around with his friends, eating pizza and playing computer games – but unfortunately the other kids at his school just don’t agree.

Thrown into an ominous crypt one night and held there against his will, Jonny discovers he can see and hear the dead, and sets into motion a supernatural mystery that needs to be solved if there are going to be any other children left at his school.

The tone is satisfactorily chilling without containing anything too gory or terrifying for the intended audience, and Jonny makes a fascinating main character as he sets about defying the supernatural with a carrier bag of groceries and some research from the internet.

This is the first book in a planned Jonny Roberts series and I will be following with interest to see where his newfound gifts take him next.


   “Let me out!” I shouted at them.  I ran at the door and banged on it with both hands.  “Let me out now!  All of you!”
More laughter.  I rested my head on the door.  I knew that I had no choice.  They wouldn’t let me out until I’d been deep into this crypt.  Until I’d reported every nook and cranny back to them.  And, as I turned from the door, I had a feeling, a terrible feeling, that there was something lurking in that darkness.
And whatever it was, it didn’t want me there.

– Alexander Lound, The Spirit in the Crypt


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Find more from Alexander Lound at his website here, or follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Goodreads.

The Spirit in the Crypt is out on Amazon today!





13 thoughts on “The Spirit in the Crypt – Alexander Lound

            1. I still remember all those teen girls moving to new schools, making suspicious friends, being left alone by their parents for reasons, pedalling their bikes along the dusty road to the waterfall/cave/woods to investigate… 😍

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              1. OMG yes! And there would a noise and it would be their “friends” 🤣 or phone calls where no one is there, notes being left, footprints in the mud or water in the shower 🤣 oh I so want to rebuy them and read them alll again xx

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                1. Strange notes in their lockers, often an injured or murdered pet, a handsome boy she can’t quite trust 😂 I wonder if they have bundles on eBay?!

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                  1. Oh we should see if we can get any or from the library and do a whole feature on them! Oh yes! The prom queen who thinks she sees things, forgot about the pets, doors left unopened, creaking on the stairs, 😆

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                    1. Yes! We should pick 5 each and see if we choose any overlaps. Maybe take it in turns to host a post with a review each? x

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                    2. Let’s do it! I’m off to pick my 5 now…let me know when you’re ready to start… eeek exciting! 😄

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