Anna and Evan Meet Charles Darwin – Tanya Hutter


*I received a free copy of this book with thanks to the author, Faye Rogers at Authoright and Clink Street Publishing.  The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*




Blurb:  Join Anna and Evan on a magical adventure to the Galapagos Islands where they meet Charles Darwin, discover unusual animals and learn some interesting scientific facts.

This engaging and educational book is ideal for young children to encourage curiosity and interest in the natural world and science.




We ALL loved this one!

I thought it might be a bit above the heads of my two (aged 6 and 3) as there is no pandering or ‘dumbing-down’ here: the children in the story have a scientific question and Charles Darwin answers it with reference to his research on evolution.

Actually though, both children engaged really well with the text and pictures.  Babybows was particularly keen on the pictures, obviously, and he loves animals so was very interested in spotting the differences and similarities between them (and counting them).  Minishine was totally riveted, grasped the question and was able to follow the explanation and reach the answer before it was explicitly spelled out in the story!

There was loads of discussion and questioning as we went through each page so it made a really interactive reading experience with the children.


Minishine absorbed in the bear question!


Minishine:  I know why one bear is brown and one is white now!  And about the birds beaks too.

Babybows:  AND the turtles and the leaves!  I LIKE the turtles with their funny necks all stretchy!

Minishine:  And we did grouping the animals at school already, so I know all about mammals and reptiles and amphisands and stuff.  Can we go to the Galloping Islands where the turtles are?  I really liked the animal pictures in here, and the boy and the girl are like me and my brother. Can I show it to my school?

Bookshine:  Amphibians. Galapagos. Maybe when you’re older.  Good!  Why not?!


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Anna and Evan TM7oTfzW_400x400
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Anna and Evan Meet Charles Darwin is available on Amazon right now!



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