Twisted – Steve Cavanagh

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*I received a free ARC of this book, with thanks to NetGalley and Orion Publishing GroupThe decision to review and my opinions are my own.*


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1. The police are looking to charge me with murder.
2. No one knows who I am. Or how I did it.
3. If you think you’ve found me. I’m coming for you next.

After you’ve read this book, you’ll know: the truth is far more twisted…





Steve Cavanagh has done it again.  With Thirteen he gave us a tightly written crime thriller with an intriguing legal hook, and with Twisted we get mysteries within mysteries inside mysteries…

Who is J. T. LeBeau?  Why is he or she so desperate to remain unknown? What secret is Paul hiding from his wife, Maria?  And what if she has secrets of her own?

The plot is yet again tight, but this time it twists more than a corkscrew in a whirlpool!

We are plunged straight to the heart of the big mystery in the first pages, then taken back to fill in what happened to bring events to that particular climax point.  There are few characters here and so we get to know them closely, and yet somehow get the feeling that we never really know any of them at all.

I am reluctant to write any more to be honest, as anything I tell you about the plot and characters has the potential to give something away and it would be a shame to ruin a single one of the many traps the author has laid for the unwary (and even for the alert) reader!

So I will just round-up by saying that fans of James Patterson or Lee Child-style serial-killer action thrillers, with a very clever hook, will really enjoy this book.



For the last few months he’d thought of nothing but revenge.  Revenge for the betrayals, the lies, and the pain.
Do it, he thought.  Do it now!
Paul began to pull the gun.  But then he froze.  A hand was on his shoulder.
The person behind him leaned forward, and Paul felt their hot breath on his neck as they spoke.
Even with the people tightly packed around him, and the blood roaring through his system, he heard those words as clear as a trumpet blast.  And it was a blast.  A simple statement.  Spoken plainly.  Paul felt those words strip the flesh clean off his back.
‘I know who you are,’ said the voice in his ear.
‘You’re J. T. LeBeau.’

– Steve Cavanagh, Twisted


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You can find more from Steve Cavanagh at his website here or follow him on FacebookTwitter and Goodreads.

Twisted is available on Amazon right now, and you can check out my review of Thirteen by the same author, here.



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