Kirk Sandblaster and the Ice Pirates of Llurr – Oli Jacobs

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*I received a free copy of this book, with thanks to the author.  The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*


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Blurb:  Kirk Sandblaster is back! And this time, he’s chilly. . . tasked by the Government of Universia to chart the Dark Quadrant, our valiant space adventurer dives straight in. Along with his Zaarian comrade, Xlaar, they land on a world of ice and snow, and dreaded Ice Pirates. Will they survive both nature and natives? Will Xlaar’s new eye keep playing dubstep? And what lurks underneath all the tundra? Find out the answers to all this and more in. . . Kirk Sandblaster and the Ice Pirates of Llurr!



Kirk and Xlaar are back and prodding some very cold buttock on yet another action-packed space adventure.  With sandwiches.

As before, Kirk is bombastic and irrepressible (and irresponsible) whilst Xlaar provides the voice of reason and sarcasm, along with various superfluous body parts as required.  Oli Jacobs style of writing is also irrepressible; with a wink and a nudge, tongue firmly in cheek, top hat tipped at a rakish, devil-may-care tilt.

The plot is straightforward and easy-to-follow:  Kirk’s treasure button is pressed and off he reels chaotically to wander the frozen tundras of an unexplored planet, dragging Xlaar along in his wake.  Which is (as usual) fortunate for him, if not Xlaar, because we all know who the real hero is here!

If you enjoy Red Dwarf and Douglas Adams‘ sci-fi humour and would like to follow a far more likable Zaphod Beeblebrox plus unique companions on a series of exotic and esoteric adventures then this is definitely the series for you.  Grab yourself a sandwich and dive on in… the water is freezing, but there is a small chance of treasure!  😉


If ever there was a time for dramatic, rousing music to kick in, it was now.  For The Bounty was zooming through the Dark Quadrant, and was on the cusp of crashing through Llurr’s atmospheric layers.  Imagine a very big spoon plopping through crème brulee.  It was about to be not unlike that, but to the tune of exhilarating strings and horn.

– Oli Jacobs, Kirk Sandblaster and the Ice Pirates of Llurr


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