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Kyle Harrison 61zoVzj7E-LBlurb:  Dry humour and a good dose of romance. He’s tall, he’s handsome and he doesn’t fit any mould. Kyle Harrison is a young Scottish actor blundering his way to the top of the Hollywood tree. Discovered on the Via Veneto in Rome, Kyle takes Hollywood by storm with his irreverent charisma. With his trademark slouch and deadly mixture of boyish charm and athletic good looks, Kyle is beguiling to the ladies but frequently misunderstood.

Book One: Kyle Harrison Movie Star
Kyle’s photo is all over the tabloids, the day after he lands in Hollywood. He’s a movie star who hasn’t done a single screen test yet. A top director is sure he’s discovered his next action hero, but Kyle is clueless about the business, although he certainly looks the part. Can he handle instant fame and stand up to Hollywood’s ruthless star-making machinery?


To describe Kyle Harrison on paper does not do him justice!

The story is over-the-top wish fulfilment, with gorgeous women, glamorous hotels, luxury cars and kickass fights.  Kyle is perfect: handsome, clever, witty, kind… the list goes on and on.  No wonder everyone loves him and he wins at everything he tries!

All of which makes it sound ridiculous, and Kyle insufferable.  This just is not the case.  The story is actually a lovely read.  The author has cleverly taken situations which in other books would cause the reader anxiety and turned them into a narrative which kept me smiling from start to finish.  You just can’t hate Kyle for his perfection because he is so damn nice that he wins over the reader along with his legion of fictional fans.

Instead of breezing through this dream life which has handed him everything on a silver platter, he notices the feelings and dreams of the ‘little people’ around him, remembers people as individuals, and goes out of his way to smooth the paths of everyone he meets.  How could anyone fault that?!

Obviously this is not a long and complex book, but it is a delightfully light and fluffy read which leaves you feeling entertained and amused.  Recommended for a quick beach read on a sunny day.


   The man cast an assessing glance his way as he sat down into the plush comfort of a big leather sofa.  “Are you going to college?”  He bit into a Danish and continued with his mouth still full, “You look like you could be in an athletics program.”
Kyle shifted his weight, feeling slightly gauche as he heard the words come out of his mouth: “No, I’m going to be an actor.”
The man almost choked and then cracking up, but trying to suppress his skepticism, he laughed, “An actor?  Kid, everyone is going to be an actor in Hollywood.”

– Robertson Tait, Kyle Harrison: Movie Star


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Find more from Robertson Tait at his website here, or follow him on Goodreads and check out my review of Night of the Webcam here.

Kyle Harrison: Movie Star is available on Amazon right now!



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