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*I received a free copy of this novel, with thanks to the author.  The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*


Blurb:  The Childs family faced the unthinkable… now they have a second chance.

Life After Death 51WubgWBFcLThe Childs family has endured a terrible tragedy, but the FBI’s shocking discovery has turned their lives upside down.

His kids have all moved on from the death of their mother, as has Isaac from the loss of his wife, but now that the FBI has finally solved the case, the Childs family must face the loss of Ramie all over again.

Each has their own relationships and their own lives, but all are upended due to unforeseen circumstances. As they maneuver these new lives, they must deal with love, heartache, and jealousy as a family, and the choices they face will not be easy.

Their decisions bring out the best in some… and the worst in others.


If you thought that Isaac had set land speed records when it came to moving on from the ‘love of his life’ to a new love within months, you will be shocked (or not) when you see how quickly his children are able to change lanes on their relationships as well!

The Childs family are back in this second instalment of their dysfunctional and highly unlucky American dream.  I definitely recommend reading An American Family first, as the dramatic back story won’t make much sense here without it.

And unfortunately for Isaac, Olivia and Carter there is just as much, if not more, drama in their second story.  Due to their financial solvency none of the Childs family need to work for their keep, and so they spend their time socialising and dabbling in their hobbies… what little time they have spare from the emotional traumas that are inflicted on them or that they inflict upon themselves.

The younger generation make their mistakes, but they seem like good people who are still drifting trying to find their path in life.  And like their father, they seem incapable of spending more than a minute alone on that path!  But it is Isaac who seems particularly unendearing in this story.  His bad choices in the first book were easy to write off as trauma and grief-induced, but here he is in a happy and stable situation and still weighing up the lives of others for how much happiness they can bring to him.  I don’t want to spoil any plot points, but his reactions to both a loved one’s poor health and to an ex’s happiness are totally selfish, hypocritical and dog-in-the-mangerish.

There is some religious and political commentary in the dialogue of the story, but the main themes are those of finding happiness in romantic relationships and looking for the significant other who brings you most happiness and comfort, to avoid a spiral into your own personal problems.

This is recommended for readers who enjoy family and relationship sagas with high drama and lots of emotional turmoil.


   Lindsay took the selfie and kissed Olivia on the side of her lips.  She held Liv’s hand to help her back over the edge and follow her back towards the car.  As she did, her foot slipped on the wet ground and she hit the mixture of grass and rocks with enough force to take some of her breath away.
“Lindsay!” Olivia yelled out and reached down to grab her arm.  She did her best to pull her up, but the angle of Lindsay’s body made it too difficult for the petite Olivia to bring her back up.  A young couple rushed over to help just as Lindsay was nearly back up over the edge and safe.  When they stopped next to Olivia, their presence seemed to startle her.
Olivia fell forward onto the ground and tripped over the edge of the cliff.

– Jackson Baer, Life After Death


An American Family 28685589_1482231708552295_7574782242190983664_n

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