Night of the Webcam – Robertson Tait

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*I received a free copy of this book, with thanks to the author.  The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*




Blurb:  Four strong protagonists caught up in a deadly chase after a brazen attempt to avenge a political assassination. Kendric is certain he recognized his old friend’s body language, but why is Giacomo stalking him through the streets of Verona? And whatever happened to the gorgeous girl who arrived unexpectedly at his door in Venice, concealed in a cape?

Murder, revenge, political intrigue and a thrilling game of cat-and-mouse, complicated by sizzling romance and uneasy friendships. Against the glorious architectural backdrop of Venice, Rome and Verona, an original and beautifully written romantic thriller that doesn’t follow the rules.



Night of the Webcam is a light, wish-fulfilment style adventure through the streets of Italy.

The setting is beautiful and evocatively described; with Venice, Verona and Rome having their own distinct characteristic styles.

In contrast, the characterisation is less detailed:  the women are all beautiful and the men either handsome or, if a villain, huge and scarred.  Each of the main characters is sexy and mysterious: full of dark secrets and highly skilled at espionage, reconnaissance, weapons-usage and so on.  It was nice to see the female characters get their fair share of the action without needing to be rescued all the time, and also see them taking sexual agency to fulfil their desires in the same way the male characters do.

The plot is action-packed and takes a few turns along the way to keep the reader guessing.  There is a lull partway through where I was convinced that the plot was resolved and winding down, but then the author spun the narrative in a new direction and set the action off again.

This is a book where you need to suspend your disbelief, not take things too seriously and just enjoy being an action-adventure hero surrounded by glamorous women in scenic locales!


   The spectacle before him was truly perfect, and even the broad, flat vaporetti made a much more leisurely progress now, allowing their many passengers the opportunity to take in Venice at this magical hour, at a more appropriately sedate pace.
Kendric nodded to himself in admission, There is no night-time blue like Venice’s night-time blue.  He laughed a little to himself at his own prose, finishing with a trite rhyme, It’s true.  And being alone, and night-time, he indulged his rhyming silliness and ended with, But tomorrow Laura… yes, he brightened, tomorrow Laura.

– Robertson Tait, Night of the Webcam


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Night of the Webcam is available on Amazon right now!



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