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*I received a free copy of this book with thanks to the author and Rachel Gilbey at Rachel’s Random Resources blog tours. The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*


Street Cat book coverBlurb:  A quiet life for Aubrey?

After spending several months banged up in Sunny Banks rescue centre, Aubrey, a large tabby cat, has finally found his forever home with Molly and Jeremy Goodman, and life is looking good.

However, all that changes when a serial killer begins to target elderly victims in the neighbourhood.

Aubrey wasn’t particularly upset by the death of some of the previous victims, including Miss Jenkins whom Aubrey recalls as a vinegar-lipped bitch of an old woman who enjoyed throwing stones at cats, but Mr Telling was different.

Mr Telling was a mate…



This immediately struck me as a fantastic idea for a book – cats make natural sardonic sleuths – but I was worried that it would be difficult to pull off the tone successfully.

I needn’t have worried!  In Street Cat Blues, Alison O’Leary has created a perfect blend of the feline and anthropomorphic mindset and it works beautifully.  Cat lovers will recognise cat behaviours, and thought processes that ring true for our observations of our companions; yet crime fans won’t be disappointed in Aubrey’s deductive reasoning and puzzle solving.

The tone is spot on too: dispassionate and world-weary on the surface, with emotional depths lurking claw-deep.  I particularly liked the way Aubrey’s friendships were introduced, explored and developed.  The reader could almost imagine him a displaced teen, cynical yet hopeful and willing to give the world another chance to impress him.

The mystery plot unfolds cleverly and at a nice pace, with the reader able to put together the clues slightly ahead of our hero due to our better grasp of the sapient species, but I confess that he gets there with far more panache.

I loved this book and am eager to learn out that Alison O’Leary has a very long series of Aubrey books tucked up her sleeve.  I would definitely recommend this to cosy mystery fans and cat lovers alike; it’s a really fresh, well-written take on the genre.



   The crowd began to disperse around the edges; the excitement was clearly over.  Aubrey waited until the last one had left and then he, too, slid out from beneath the car and headed for home.  His heart beat fast as he jumped the garden wall.  In all honesty, he hadn’t been particularly upset when Miss Bradford and Mrs Lomax had been killed, and Miss Jenkins he had positively disliked, but now it was Mr Telling, dear kind gentle Mr Telling, and that was another matter altogether.

– Alison O’Leary, Street Cat Blues


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Street Cat Blues is available on Amazon right now.



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