Ollie Discovers… the Planets! – Anya Acres

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*I received a free copy of this book, with thanks to the author.  The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*


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Blurb:   The Ollie Discovers Books are full of Facts, Fiction and Fun! As Ollie looked up at the beautiful shimmering stars, he decided that he wanted to explore the biggest, and the brightest star of them all. The book is designed to aid children’s understanding of non-fictional topics, whilst also providing story elements of fun, surprise, prediction and familiarity. Questions feature on the final page, in order to aid discussion and reinforce understanding.




This is a really fun educational picture book about the planets in our solar system.  The illustrations are beautiful and Ollie the alien is very cute!




Minishine review:  I like the alien, and the little dinosaur that was hiding on each page [actually another little alien stowaway].  It was good because I was trying to remember all the planets and there was a line of them to remember, and some tricky test questions at the end.  So it wasn’t just a story book, it was like a sort of game as well.  The alien is super cute, like a little squishy!  I don’t know if he will go to the sun or stay and explore now.  Is there another one?



There certainly is!  And, judging by Babybows’ excitement, I am pretty confident that Ollie Discovers…the Dinosaurs! will be a huge hit in the Shine household too!

Minishine is correct about the additional material too.  As well as giving a snippet of information and adventure around each planet as Ollie visits it, there are plenty of opportunities for learning, chatting about what is on the pages, and playing little games to consolidate the facts.  The questions at the end were a bit too tricky for Minishine (6) but she enjoyed giving them a go anyway and then talking through the answers with us.

Definitely recommend this one for anyone whose little aliens have an interest in space and the planets!


Ollie was an adventurous little alien, and as he looked up at the beautiful shimmering stars, he decided that he wanted to explore the biggest and brightest star of them all.

– Anya Acres, Ollie Discovers… the Planets!


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You can find more from Anya Acres and Ollie at her website here and can buy the books there directly too.

Follow the author on Facebook and Twitter for more news about Ollie’s discoveries!


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