Ghost Walk – Melissa Bowersock

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*I received a free copy of this book, with thanks to the author.  The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*




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Blurb:   Lacey Fitzpatrick is an ex-LAPD detective with an axe to grind. Tainted by the betrayal of her drug-dealing cop boyfriend, she’s on a quest to prove to herself–and the world–that she’s still a competent crime-fighter. In order to do that, she teams up with Sam Firecloud, a half-Navajo man who communicates with ghosts. With his talent and her research, they tackle troubling unsolved crimes, but their latest case is the toughest. They have to solve a murder–where no record of a murder even exists. Can Sam glean enough information from the victim’s ghost to unravel the mystery, and can Lacey convince the authorities that the murder actually happened?



The absolute best thing about Ghost Walk in my opinion?  That the author has already released books 2 to 15 in the series!

This book was right up my book-lined-street: a cosy mystery with a paranormal element (ghosts, obviously) and a professional, intelligent female sleuth.

Lacey and Sam make a fantastic team and Bowersock really captured the on-page chemistry between them; a camaraderie that reminded me of Mulder and Scully at their best (and sometimes at their worst…even the best of friends have the odd disagreement).

The plot took a surprising twist early on when the case I thought the duo were investigating remained in the hands of the professionals and the ghostly investigators started on a fresh track.  I particularly liked the realisation that they were both chasing different, but equally valid, outcomes.  This mirrored the sceptic/psychic split throughout the plot and emphasised the theme that two disparate halves can join to form a more complete picture.

All-in-all this was a great start to a very promising series…added to my ‘ones to watch’!  I would recommend it for fans of private eye mysteries with a paranormal edge.


   Sam got out of the car and stood by the open door.  He seemed to be considering something, then finally leaned down and faced her across the seat.
“You should probably know,” he said.  “There’s more.”
“More bodies.  I think they’re all there.  Check it out.”
He shoved the car door shut and walked away.

– Melissa Bowersock, Ghost Walk



Ghost Walk lXpyoa9g_400x400Find more from Melissa Bowersock at her website here,FRIEND-OF-INDIEbrag-white or follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.

Ghost Walk is available on Amazon right now, along with a further FOURTEEN books in the series!!!


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