Taking Flight – Judith Parry


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*I received a free copy of this book with thanks to the author.  The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*

Taking Flight 9781910578865Blurb:  Judith Parry has been playing with words for as long as she can remember and confesses to being an inveterate show-off who will take any opportunity to perform. She wants people who encounter her work to be inspired to change, to know more at the end than they did at the beginning, but often simply to have a good laugh.

This is her first anthology, consisting chiefly of verses created during her creative writing studies.  Many of the pictures in this book were also produced during times of work and study, where Judith maintains they acted as ‘aids to concentration’.

It is hoped that the resultant combination of words and doodles is a quirky, thought-provoking collection that people will enjoy.



Taking Flight is a short, pocket-sized chapbook containing nine short poems/verses, all illustrated with lovely photographs or doodles, finished off with three uplifting pictures.

Some are comedic, rhyming, rhythmic verse and others are beautifully evocative word-pictures painted from nature and the author’s own life, and there is an obvious fondness for cats (see my personal favourite ‘Very Bad Dog’ and the find-the-cat game!).

All of the poems are easy-to-read and accessible to casual readers as well as poetry lovers and Judith Parry has a positive approach that shines through the variety of style and content.


This is a little slip of bright colour to lift a gloomy day!  Plus…you know…*whispers* stocking filler?!  😉


Today I will wear my most fabulous hat
That stops people seeing my face,
The Quirks and the Randoms are intrigued by that
Whilst the Judgers and Norms give me space.

– Judith Parry, ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’ in Taking Flight



Taking Flight 780f5e95db7ff640edd066f3054d13fc_400x400Find more from Judith Parry at her blog here or follow her on Twitter.

You can buy a copy of Taking Flight directly from the author as part of her Christmas sale here; or buy via the following link:  BUY Taking Flight (£2 + £1.20 P & P) or from local Uttoxeter bookshops!









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