To Prevent Clear Paths (Magical Mayhem #3) – Emily Martha Sorensen



*I received a free copy of this ebook, with thanks to the author.  The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*


topreventclearpathsBlurb:  When Kendra defected to villainy, she left her friends and family baffled.
Her best friend has no clue where the former magical girl is or what she’s doing, but she’s determined to find out.

Even if it means attacking Kendra.

Chronos has a brand new unwanted houseguest she can’t get rid of.  And this one has more than a few screws loose and is adorably evil.  What do you do with a ten-year-old dark magical girl?



To Prevent Clear Paths is the third installment in the Magical Mayhem series, and is a quick, easy read, at just a handful of chapters.  I recommend reading these novelettes in series order to get the full sense of the plot and characters, as they are so short that there is no real room for the author to provide much of a recap for new readers.

The bickering between Chronos and Kendra continues here, edging slightly closer towards a reluctant understanding between them, and the addition of a new, morally ambivalent, sidekick in the form of Tiffany adds a bit of fun (although her perpetual naming of inanimate objects grated slightly).

I still feel like we are in the build-up stage of the plot, and that the action hasn’t really kicked in yet.  I don’t understand Kendra’s plan at all, if I’m honest, and Chronos doesn’t appear to have a plan at all, other than short-term schemes to get as far away from people as possible!  I am keen to find out more about the future Chronos envisioned with Avenging Angel, and whether their actions have changed anything so far, but unfortunately the limitations on Chronos’ power make that impossible and so the reader is subject to the same information (or lack of) as the intrepid duo.

These books are great clean fantasy reads for tweens/teens, with strong female characters, but I feel the pacing would be better experienced as a single large volume, and therefore personally I would wait and read the series in one go, rather than in these shorter episodes.


   Futures that later happened, futures that soon ceased to be possibilities… it didn’t matter.  They all littered her dreams.
There had never been a solution to that problem.
“That’s why you should stay,” Kendra said, arriving at the top of the stairs.  She leaned against the bannister and looked at Chronos.  “Next time you’re afraid of someone, tell me, and I’ll fix the problem.  You stay a hermit, you sleep at night, and I save the world.”

– Emily Martha Sorensen, To Prevent Clear Paths


emilymarthasorensen2For more from Emily Martha Sorensen and the magical girls, you can find her websites here or here, or follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

You can find my reviews of the previous books, To Prevent World Peace here and To Prevent Chic Costumes here.



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